AQW Shaman

There are 2 types of Shaman Classes, the first one is Shaman Class, and the second one is Evolved Shaman Class, the main different on Shaman classes is:

  1. Shaman Class: Build up damage with time
  2. Evolved Shaman Class: Deals extraordinary damage but based on luck 

So, if you ask me which one i would choose, i would prefer the original one, which is the Shaman Class, since it gives you increasing in damage with time rather than using luck.

To get these classes, it is quite easy to get, since you will only need to rank up Arcangrove faction until rank 10 and then you go to Rayst Shop and buy the Class.

And there are 3 ways to farm up the Arcangrove faction:
1. To farm Arcangrove faction you could read this article: Fastest way to rank 10 for specified reputation
2. Or you can farm the reputation by doing the storyline (If done the storyline still not rank 10 though, but it provide a lot of reputation).
3. Or farm the reputation on map /join arcangrove with killing Gorillaphant and Seed Spitter with accepting following quests until you rank up to 10:
  1. "A Neccesarry Sacrifice" quest. Kill x10 Seed Spitter and gives 150 Rep: Arcangrove.
  2. "Thistle Do Nicely" quest. Kill x5 Seed Spitter and gives 120 Rep: Arcangrove.
  3. "ArcanRove" quest. Kill x10 Seed Spitter and gives 100 Rep: Arcangrove.
  4. "Thyme and a Half" quest. Kill x10 See Spitter and gives 150 Rep: Arcangrove.
  5. "Ebony and Ivory Tusk" quest. Kill x6 Gorillaphant and gives 200 Rep: Arcangrove.
  6. "Gorillaphant Poaching" quest. Kill x7 Gorillaphant and gives 150 Rep: Arcangrove.
  7. "Pleased to Meat you" quest. Kill x8 Gorillaphant and gives 200 Rep: Arcangrove.
  8. "Mustard and Pretzel Root" quest. Kill x3 Gorillaphant, x4 Seedspitter and gives 120 Rep: Arcangrove.
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