Arch Doomknight Armor

Arch Doomknight Armor
Updated as of 6/23/2020
Arch Doomknight Armor

This armor is like the low version of Archfiend Doomlord Armor, However Arch Doomknight Armor excells in dealing damage to Dragons and Humans with 30% more damage to 'em. Beside the armor, you could get the entire set with it's full equipments of Helm, Cape, and also Weapons that deals 25% more damage to Dragons and Humans along the quests to get the Armor by talking to Ancient Doomknight's Quest on /join shadowvault

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1. Absolutely Free for Non- Member
2. Rank 7 Evil
3. Completing Chaos Lord Story to get required materials for quest "or you can just goto a person, or ask someone to go to the destined Chaos Lord"

You can have the full set of Arch DoomKnight such as:

  1. Arch DoomKnight Cape (Cape): "Get it from Gathering Power Quest"
  2. Arch DoomKnight Cape Sword (Cape): "Get it from Death's Door Quest"
  3. Arch DoomKnight Polearm (Weapon): "Get it from Death's Door Quest"
  4. Arch DoomKnight Sword (Weapon): "Get it from Chaotic Lord Quest"
  5. Arch DoomKnight's Edge (Weapon): "Get it from Chaotic Lord Quest"
  6. Arch DoomKnight (Armor): "Get it from A Means to an End Quest"
  7. Arch DoomKnight Open Helm (Helm): "Get it from A Means to an End Quest"
  8. Arch DoomKnight Helm (Helm): "Get it from A Means to an End Quest"

Let's get to it:

  1. Gathering Power Quest:
    - Undead Energy x1800: Kill skeletons on /join battleunderb
    - Human Souls x500: Kill any humans on /join noxustower
    - Dragon Energy x600: Kill any dragons or draconians on /join lair
  2. Death's Door Quest:
    - Death's Power x1: Kill Death on /join shadowattack
    - Souls of the Dead x400: Kill Death on /join shadowattack "you can get a bunch of these in a single kill"
  3. Chaotic Lords Quest:
    - Chaotic Power x13: Kill any Chaos Lords "farm this as you farm other requirement material"
    Escherion's Helm x1: Kill Escherion on /join escherion
    - Legendary Sword of Dragon Control x1: Kill Vath on /join stalagbite
    - Wolfwing Armor x1: Kill Wolfwing on /join wolfwing
    - Xiang Chaos x1: Kill Chaos Lord Xiang on /join mirrorportal
    - Chaos Lionfang Armor x1: Kill Chaos Lord Lionfang on /join stormtemple
    - Chaorrupted Hourglass x1: Kill Chaos Lord Iadoa on /join timespace
    - Shorn Chaos King Crown x1: Kill Chaos Lord Alteon on /join swordhavenfalls
    - Ledgermayne (Armor) x1: Kill Ledgermayne on /join ledgermayne
    - One Eyed Doll Breaker x1: Kill Kimberly on /join palooza
    - Tibicenas (Armor) x1: Kill Tibicenas on /join djinn
    - Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade x1: Kill Kitsune on /join kitsune
    - Drakath's Sword x1: Kill Champion of Chaos on /join ultradrakath
    - Soul of Chaos Armor x1: Kill Khasaanda on /join dreamnexus
  4. A Means to an End Quest:
    - Ultimate Darkness Gem x50: Kill any monster on /join shadowfallwar
    - Undead Energy x2000: Kil Skeletons on /join battleunderb
    - (Necro) Scroll of Dark Arts x2: Kill Ultra Vordred on /join epicvordred
    - Doom Heart x1: Kill Ultra Sepulchure on /join sepulchurebattle
    - Dread Knight Cleaver x1: Kill Dark Sepulchure on /join sepulchure
    - Reaper's Soul x1: Kill Reaper on /join thevoid
    - Desolich's Undead Eye x2: Kill Desolich on /join desolich

Good Luck, Cheers!

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