AQW Mobile: Play anywhere you want

How to Play AQW on your Phone
Updated As of 6/15/2020

AQW Mobile on Handphone

AQW Mobile: Play anywhere you want - Do you ever wonder to play AQW on your phone?, then you are going to find out on how to do it!

Basically, AQW is a game that is using adobe flash player, so if you don't have adobe flash player in your phone or phone browser then automatically you cannot play it on your phone.
To find out if your phone browser have adobe flash player or not, you can do it by access the game by typing the url in your phone browser, if your phone browser can load the game, then it means that your phone browser already supported by adobe flash player.

But in some cases you might cannot open the game with your phone browser, to overcome this problem you can download the following browser on playstore (For Android):

  1. Download FlashFox Browser
  2. Download Dolphin Browser
If you are using (Iphone/ Ipad (Apple Products)). you can download the following browser on appstore:
  1. Download Puffin Browser

Those browser are already plugged in with adobe flash player, so it should fix the problem to play AQW on your phone and make it into AQW Mobile.
Then, if you are already download one of the above browser, your next step is typing the url in your phone browser.

Another way to play aqw on your phone is by playing the game on your PC/ Laptop then download the application called as RemotR or Teamviewer in your phone and PC/ Laptop.
"this is basically runs the game on PC/ Laptop"

Good Luck, Cheers!

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they should make a bot for android

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Its already unuseable now