AQW Naval Commander

AQW Naval Commander

This time i will tell you on how to get another Naval Commander by using Naval Commander.

To get this Naval Commander you must spend 2000 acs to buy another Naval Commander which is the "Kaiju Naval Commander", and the armor to get the "Kaiju Naval Commander" is a seasonal class, so i think it is a good investment if you are confused on where to spend your acs.
The class to get the "Kaiju Naval Commander" is the "Heroic Naval Commander" class that cost you up to 2000 acs (seasonal) on Quibble Coinbiter's Shop. (so if the class is showed up on another Quibble Coinbiter's Shop then just buy it, because these Naval Commander armor/classes are rare).

Then, if you already bought the Heroic Naval Commander, you can proceed to the next step, which is the Kaiju Naval Commander Creation Daily Quest and this Armor requires 3 Kaiju Token from "Kaiju Naval Commander Creation" Daily Quest.

This quest is only available if you already have the Heroic Naval Commander class with rank 2 on it. Then you need to accept the daily quest from "Kaiju Corsair Chest" on /join pirates map.
And finish the quest by killing Fishwing, Fishman Soldier, and Shark Bait that is located on /join pirates map, and the quest will give you 1 Kaiju Token each day for each time you turn in the quest.

Good luck!.
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