Grimoire 3.3 BloodMoon Token Bot Stack Material x100

This bot using glitched room, so make sure that you make your glitched/boosted room first.
This bot let you automatically do the "Blood Moon Token" Quest.
This bot do the following steps:
  1. Accepting the "Blood Moon Token" Quest,and kill Lycan Guard for Moon Stone x100. 
  2. After farmed up, it will go to Black Unicorn for Black Blood Vial x100.
  3. When "Moon Stone" and "Black Blood Vial" is already farmed up until x100, it will go to blank space and the bot will be stopped.
  4. If you want to turn in the quest just go to "Quest" tab on Grimoire, then type "6059" on the "Quest ID" and click "Add to quest list", to get the items.
  5. The Blood Moon Token is NOT automatically accepted.
  6. Enjoy!
1. You must have 3 free inventory space
2. It stacks Black Blood Vial, Moon Stone.
3. It uses Stone Crusher Skills, you can change it later on, and i recommend you to use class that can solo bosses.
4. It doesn't auto accept Blood Moon Token, but it auto accept Black Blood Vial and Moon Stone until x100.
5. You must apply the glitched/boosted room, because this bot is a faster version to farm the Blood Moon Token.
6. If the monster doesn't show up anymore, create another glitched/boosted room and re-enable the bot.

To use this bot:
  1. Download this bot here: Download Grimoire BloodMoon Token Bot Stack Material x100.
  2. Login your account from Grimoire.
  3. Click "Grimoire" option on bottom left.
  4. Click "Bot" Option.
  5. Click "Misc" Option.
  6. Click "Load bot" and open the downloaded bot file.
  7. Glitch/Boost the /join bloodmoon room.
  8. Enable the Bot, Enjoy!

Comment on below, if you have any error or want to request any bot. 
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