Lord of Order Class (Quest) Guide

How to get Lord of Order Class (Quest)
Updated As of 6/13/2020

Lord of Order Class (Quest)

Lord of Order Class (Quest) Guide - This class is ungodly good for support as it rivals Stonecrusher Class.
This class is born as a support class. You can get this class by doing the daily quest from Mirror Drakath on /join battleoff. You can get this class under 10 Days if  you do the quest daily.

So, let's get to it:
Before you kill the respective monster, or purchase the respective item from shop, you might need to complete a chain of quests or storyline to get the required material. So make sure that you have enough time to complete within a day

  1. Heart of Servitude Quest:
    - Pristine Blades of Order x1: /join watchtower and Kill Chaorrupted Knight or Chaos Knight until the item drops
    - Dreadrock Donation Receipt x1: /join dreadrock and go to dreadrock pet shop and purchase it for 1,000,000 Gold "you might want to check this out: How to get farm gold fast"
    - Dreadmoor Spirits Helped x1: /join deadmoor and Kill Banshee Mallora
    - Mage's Gratitude x1: /join citadel ruins and complete a chain of quests until you complete "Defeat Enn'tropy" Quest.
    - Ravenscar's Truth x1: /join ravenscar and complete a chain of quests until you complete "Blightbringer's Doom" to unlock Ravenscar Shop and Purchase Ravenscar's Truth for 1,000 Gold 
  2. Spirit of Justice Quest:
    - Warden Elfis Detained x1: /join dwarfprison and Kill Warden Elfis until drops
    - Piggy Drake Punished x1:  /join prison and Kill Piggy Drake until it drops
    - Mysterious Stranger Foiled x1: /join mysteriousdungeon and Kill Mysterious Stranger until it drops
    - Calico Cobby Crushed x1: /join dreammaster and Kill Calico Cobby
  3. Purification of Chaos Quest:
    - Chaoroot x15: /join hydra and Kill Hydras
    - Chaotic War Essence x15: /join chaosboss and Kill Ultra Chaos Warlord
    - Chaorrupting Particles x15: /join shadowgates and Kill Chaorruption
    - Purified Raindrop x45: /join stormtemple and Kill Chaos Lord Lionfang
  4. Steadfast Will Quest:
    - Gaiazor's Cornerstone x1: /join gaiazor and Kill Gaiazor
    - Daaka's Crystal x1: /join treetitanbattle and Kill Daaka the Dire Dragon
    - Andre's Necklace Fragment x1: /join andre and Kill Giant Necklace
    - Desolich's Skull: /join desolich and Kill Desolich
  5. Strike of Order Quest:
    - Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade x1: /join kitsune and Kill Kitsune until drops
    - The Supreme Arcane Staff x1: /join ledgermayne and Kill Ledgermayne until drops
    - Dragonoid of Hours x1: /join mqlesson and Kill Dragonoid until drops
    - Safiria's Spirit Orb x1: /join maxius and talk to Safiria and choose "Take The Spirit Orb"
    - Ice Katana (Non- AC) x1: /join drakonnan and complete "Inferno Heart" Quest from Warlic
  6. Harmony Quest:
    - Unity of Life x1: /join elemental and Kill Tree of Destiny until drops
    - Harmony of Solace x1: /join orchestra and Kill Faust until drops
    - Teamwork Observed x100: /join cathedral and Kill Pactagonal Knight
    - Scroll of Enhancement x1: /join goose and Kill Queen's Archsage
  7. Ordinance Quest:
    - Acolyte's Braille x1: /join newfinale and Kill Chaos Healer
    - Suppressed Drows x50: /join wardwarf and Kill monster on this location
    - Suppressed Undead x50: /join warundead and Kill monster on this location
    - Suppressed Horcs x50: /join warhorc and Kill monster on this location
    - Suppressed Weavers x50: /join weaverwar and Kill monster on this location
    - Strength of Resilence x1: /join thevoid and Kill Xyfrag
  8. Axiom Quest:
    - Law of Nature x1: /join elfhame and Kill Guardian Spirit
    - Law of Time x1: /join deepchaos and Kill Kathool
    - Law of Gravity x1: /join necrocavern and Kill Shadowstone Support
    - Law of Relativity x1: /join blackholesun and Kill Reflecteract
    - Law of Conservation of Energy x1: /join thunderfang and Kill Tonitru
    - Law of Low Drop Rates x100: /join lair and Kill Red Dragon
  9. Blessing of Order Quest:
    - Weapon Imprint x15: /join doomvaultb and Kill Undead Raxgore
    - Lure of Order x1: /join fishing and get the item with Rank 7 Fishing
    - Quixotic Mana Essence x10: /join mirrorportal and Kill Ultra Xiang
    - Inversion Infusion x5: /join yasaris and Kill Serepthys
  10. The Final Challenge Quest:
    - Champion of Chaos Confronted x1: /join ultradrakath and Kill Champion of Chaos

Done, now you can complete the "The Final Challenge" Quest to claim your ultimate support class!

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