Legion Token: Best way to get 'em

Updated As of 6/22/2020

Pile of Legion Token

If you read this article, you must already complete the "Fail to the King" Quest, by reading this : Be a Legion only 120 ACs. The completion of that quest is to unlock several Dage's Quest and to be able to purchase "Undead Champion" Armor to unlock another quests.

Best way to get Legion Token

1. Undead Champion Recruitment Quest
This quest is also considered to be fast and a bit tricky because you can farm Legion Token x5 with Tainted Gem x1 (Dreadrock Gem Exchange Quest) along with it by only slaying enemies on /join dreadrock.

2. For different atmosphere of farming, you could try alternative quests:
"Prove your Allegiance" Quest on /join evilwardage for Legion Token x2  or
> "Lack of Four-sight" Quest for Legion Token x20 by killing the monster on /join evilwardage
3. High Legion Champion Quest or Exalted Legion Champion Quest
"requires High Legion Champion 'purchase with 1000 ACs' or Exalted Legion Champion 'merge with Legion Token x1000' "
If you like random amount chance to get Legion Token x5~20 you can do this quest for fun, by killing Undead Champion x13 and Angry Undead Giant x1

4. Legion Loyalty Rewarded Quest "Must have Legion Round 4 Medal and Legion Token x50 in your inventory to access the quest, and complete Dage Likes Your Style Quest" requires:
- Defeated Makai x25: Kill Dark Makai on /join tercessuinotlim or /join nulgath
- Carnax Eye x1: Kill Carnax on /join aqlesson
- Kathool Tentacle x1: Kill Kathool on /join deepchaos
- Red Dragon's Fang x1: Kill Red Dragon on /join lair
- Fluffy's Bones x1: Kill Fluffy The Dracolich on /join dflesson
Blood Titan's Blade x1: Kill Blood Titan (Monster) on /join bloodtitan
- Complete the quest and get Legion Token x30 and Diamond Token of Dage x3

5. "Dage's Black Box" Quest, as it gives you Legion Token x1, and random Legion Token x2-5 if you are lucky enough with additional Dage's Black Box that you can sell for Gold, this quest requires:
- Dage's Note x1: Kill Sneevil on /join boxes
- Dage's 2nd Note x1: Kill Greenguard Dragon on /join greendragon
- Dage's 3rd Note x3: Kill DoomWood Treant on /join doomwood
- Box Cutter x1: Kill Sneevil on /join boxes

6. If you like hardworks you can try the Curseshore, Curseblue, Cursered Quests.
> Curseshore:
Accept "Ghostyly Zardman Souls" Quest, "Escaped Wendighost  Souls" Quest, and "Escaped Dai Tenghost Souls", each quest need 25 kills of the respective monster on /join curseshore and gives Legion Token x1 each turn in.
> Curseblue:
Accept "Belrot the Ghost Souls" Quest, "Ghostly Aracara Souls" Quest, and "Ghostly Grizzlespit Souls" Quest, each quest need 25 kills of the respective monster on /join curseblue and gives Legion token x1 each turn in.
> Cursered:
Accept "Cyclops Warlord Ghost Souls" Quest and "Ghostly Deathgazer Souls" Quest, each quest need 25 kills of the respective monster on /join cursered and gives Legion token x1 each turn in.

7. If you like chances, and you think you are lucky enough, you can try "First Class Entertainment" Quest on /join legionarena by killing Legion Fiend Rider for Axeros' Brooch x1, the quest will give you Legion Token x120

8. Using Legion farming pet is the fastest way to get a bunch of these valuable resource, the pet usually comes in Dage's Birthday starting in his birthday March 2nd.

9. Shogun Paragon Pet Quest, this method can be used only if you already have 2000 Legion Tokens, and it is very recommended if you bought/ merge this Pet ASAP, since it is seasonal.
For the quest itself, it comes up with 3 Quest, which the first quest, gives you a randomly drop of an weapon,
then for the second and third quest gives you an amount of 20 and 50 Legion Tokens respectively. by killing the monsters on /join fotia map.

Good Luck, Cheers!
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