(How to Get) Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor Guide

Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor

Okay, hello there, this is a short guide to get Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor. First of all, what you have to do is to be a member of AQW to access the quest.
This armor does 50% more damage to Human Monsters and help you to get:

  1. "Necrotic Sword of Doom" (NSoD): to acces "Commanding Shadow Essences" Quest for easier Void Auras.
  2. "Legion Doomknight Class" without being an Legion: farming "Dark Sepulchure's Badge x100" from "Become the Doomknight" Quest to merge the class.

so let's begin:
I Recommend to farm Dark Spirit Orbs/DSO with "Dark Spirit Orbs" Quest by stacking the "Shadow Creeper Enchant" and "Shadow Serpent Scythe" by Infinity Item Stacking Glitch" read here: Worked AQW Glitch!!!.
  1. Rank 10 Doomknight Class to unlock "The Doom that Looms" Quest.
  2.  Do "Dark Spirit Orbs" Quest, and farm Dark Spirit Orbs until x40
  3. Complete "Sepulchure's Armor" Quest.
  4. Complete "Toiling with Terror" Quest.
  5. Complete "A Penny for your Foughts" Quest.
  6. Farm DSO again until x100, and complete "Dark Spirit Donation" Quest and you will get Corrupt Spirit Orb/ CSO x1.
Then, this is where the real journey begin:
I Recommend you to get the Armor using the Mace which is the "Rhodium" Metal

  1. Do "Hard Core Metals" Quest until you get Rhodium ("Recommended")
  2. If you get the Rhodium, then complete "Reprehensible Rhodium Hex" Quest.
  3. Complete "Reprehensible Rhodium of Doom" Quest.
  4. Do "DoomSquire Weapon Kit" Quest. 
  5. Do "DoomSoldier Weapon Kit" Quest.
  6. Do "DoomKnight Weapon Kit" Quest.
  7. Farm Dark Spirit Orbs x10821 and you will get the mace
  8. Farm the required Sepulchure's Armor requirement using "Pinpoint the Pieces with Necrotic Mace" Quest and hope that the Doom Aura will dropped.
  9. Do "Pinpoint the Pieces with Necrotic Mace" Quest and use the Merge Shop with glitch to get Corrupt Spirit Orb and Diabolical Aura.
  10. Farm the other requirements for Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor.
  11. Merge the requirements and you will get the armor.

Note: I hope this short guide will help you a little bit.

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