Sepulchure Doomknight Armor Guide

Sepulchure Doomknight Armor
Updated As of 6/13/2020

Sepulchure Doomknight Armor (SDA)

Sepulchure Doomknight Armor Guide - This is a guide on how to get Sepulchure Doomknight Armor. First of all, what you have to do is to be a member of AQW to access the quest.
This armor does 51% more damage to Human Monsters and help you to get:

  1. "Necrotic Sword of Doom" (NSoD): to acces "Commanding Shadow Essences" Quest for easier Void Auras: How to get Necrotic Sword of Doom (NSoD)
  2. "Legion Doomknight Class" without being an Legion: farming "Dark Sepulchure's Badge x100" from "Become the Doomknight" Quest to merge the class: How to get Legion Doomknight Class (Seasonal)
  3. "Sepulchure's Original Helm": to get Gravelyn's Blessing from "A Loyal Servant: Sepulchure's DoomKnight" Quest from Gravelyn's Quest on /join darkthronehub

To make your character to look even more like Sepulchure you might want to purchase Sepulchure's Undead Blade on Item Shop on the Game Menu for 2500 ACs. But before you purchase the weapon you should get the following materials to get 3 different kind of DoomBlade all at once and sell the Sepulchure's Undead Blade later on after completing the quest for 2250 ACs  "or you can just keep the weapon":
1.) Getting Sepulchure's Dark DoomBlade from "Dark Doomblade" Quest from A Mysterious Stranger's Quest, you can access this quest after completing the storyline that start from /join valleyofdoom
2.) Getting Monstrous DoomBlade from "Monstrous Doomblade" Quest that is also from A Mysterious Stranger's Quest.
3.) Getting Cursed DoomBlade from "Upgrade Sepulchure's Undead Blade" from Cysero on /join battleontown

The total requirements of material that you need for the weapon is:
> Darkness Shard x3: Merge Crypto Token x9 on /join curio, you can get the Crypto Token from Vinara's Daily "Odd's 'n' Ends" Quest. "Do this daily!"
> Doom Seal x13: Kill Elite Dungeon Guard on /join ebondungeon
> Monster Blood x1: Kill Dethrix (Level 75) on /join ebondungeon
> Ultimate Darkness Gem x50: Kill the undead on /join shadowfallwar
> Necrotic Orb x100: Kil Lich Lord (Monster) on /join frozenlair
> Flaming Skull x50: Kill Frozen Pyromancer (Monster) on /join underworld

As for "Sepulchure's Original Helm" you can get it by completing  "Sepulchure's Helm" Quest from Gravelyn's Quest on /join shadowfall.
The requirements for "Sepulchure's Original Helm" is:
> Rank 10 Evil to purchase "Royal Shadowscythe Blade"
> Completed AQW: Zombies storyline on /join doomhaven
> Lvl 70
> Completed Mount Doom Skull storyline on /join mountdoomskull to get "Lore's Champion Seal" from Book of Lore
> Complete "The Summoning" Quest from Gravelyn's Quest on /join darkthronehub for "Gravelyn's DoomFire Token"

Turn in "Lore's Champion Seal x1" and "Gravelyn's DoomFire Token x1" for "Sepulchure's Original Helm" from Gravelyn's Quest on /join shadowfall
And if you interested you can also polish the helm into more badass looking by completing "Upgrade Sepulchure's Original Helm" from Cysero's Quest on /join battleontown into "Reborn Sepulchure's Helm" that require:
> Owns Sepulchure's Original Helm x1
> Ultimate Darkness Gem x75: Kill the undead on /join shadowfallwar
> Darkenss Shard x1: Merge Crypto Token x3 on /join curio, you can get the Crypto Token from Vinara's Daily "Odd's 'n' Ends" Quest. "Do this daily!"
> Necrotic Orb x150: Kil Lich Lord (Monster) on /join frozenlair
> Flaming Skull x100: Kill Frozen Pyromancer (Monster) on /join underworld

Alright, so let's begin for the armor now:
  1. Complete "Descent into Darkness" Quest:
    1 Floor Descended x10: /join necrodungeon and kill Bellhop x10
  2. Do "Dark Spirit Orbs" Quest, and farm Dark Spirit Orbs until x40:
    -Shadow Serpent Scythe x1: /join bludrut4 and Kill Shadow Serpent
    -Shadow Creeper Enchant x1: /join bludrut2 and Kill Shadow Creeper
    -Shadow Whiskers x6: /join ruins and kill Dark Witch
  3. Complete "Sepulchure's Armor" Quest, and the reward "Experimental Dark Item" is required to complete Sepulchure's Armor on "Summoning Sepulchure's Armor" Quest.
    -DoomKnight Hood x1: purchase it from Dusk on /join shadowfall for 6,000 gold
    -Dark Spirit Orbs x40: Farm this with "Dark Spirit Orbs" Quest.
  4. You need Rank 10 Doomknight (Non-AC) Class or Doomknight (AC) in your inventory to unlock "The Doom that Looms" Quest. And there is two path on how to get the class to complete the quest:
    1.) Slow way:
    Using Doomknight (Non-AC) Class and you need Rank 10 on Warrior Class, Rank 10 Healer Class, and Rank 5 Evil and you have to be a member to purchase the class from Dusk on /join shadowfall.
    2.) Fast way:
    If you are a member and have 2000 ACs you can also purchase the class from Dusk on /join shadowfall with a note that you can complete "The Doom that Looms" Quest under 24 hours, then you can sell the class later on for 1800 ACs.
    -Before selling the class you might want to get souvenir "DoomKnight Armor"  from DoomKnight (NPC) on /join curio "DoomKnight (NPC) will only appear if you have the class either AC or Non-AC in your inventory"
    -Before purchasing the class make sure that you already farmed Dark Spirit Orbs x40.
  5. Complete "Toiling with Terror" Quest:
    -Shadow Terror Axe x1: /join battleundera and kill Bone Terror (1) until the weapon drops
    -Elder's Blood x1: Do daily "Experiment 107: Elder's Blood Potion" Quest from Reens on /join arcangrove by slaying Gorillaphant x50
  6. Complete "A Penny for your Foughts" Quest:
    DoomCoin x1: Kill any monster on /join maul however the drop rate is very very low.
  7. Farm Dark Spirit Orb/ DSO again until x100
    On this point you can farm DSO with 3 option:
    1.) Daily: Using "Toiling with Terror" Quest.
    2.) Hardwork: Using "Dark Spirit Orbs" Quest.
    3.) Luck: Using "A Penny for your Foughts" Quest.
  8. Complete "Dark Spirit Donation" Quest to get 1 Corrupt Spirit Orb/ CSO and it allows you to drop Dark Energy (Misc):
    -Dark Spirit Orb x100
    -Dark Skull x1: /join necrocavern and slay Shadow Imp

Then, this is where the real journey begin:
I Recommend you to get the Armor using the Mace which is the "Rhodium" Metal

  1. Do "Hard Core Metals" Quest until you get Rhodium ("Recommended")
    -Axe of the Prospector x1: Get this from Balboa (Monster) on /join stalagbite
    -Raw Ore x30: kill Balboa (Monster) on /join stalagbite (
  2. If you get the Rhodium, then complete "Reprehensible Rhodium Hex" Quest:
    -Rhodium x1
    -Dark Energy (Misc) x26: /join nulgath or tercessuinotlim and kill Dark Makai
    -Dark Spirit Orb x6
    -Deadly Knightshade x16: /join arcangrove and kill Seed Spitter (1)
  3. Complete "Reprehensible Rhodium of Doom" Quest:
    -Reprehensible Rhodium of Doom x1:
    You will need:
    1.) Corrupt Spirit Orb x5: Dark Spirit Orb x500: Dark Energy x25,000
    2.) Omnious Aura x2: Corrupt Spirit Orb x100: Dark Spirit Orb x10,000: Dark Energy x500,000

    So, you will need a total of:

    >Corrupt Spirit Orb x5 and Omnious Aura x2, or
    >Corrupt Spirit Orb x105, or
    >Dark Spirit Orb x10,500, or ("Use the 3 option quests as mentioned before")
    >Dark Energy x525,000 ("If you are bored to do 3 option quests, you can just killing Dark Makais for their Dark Energies to drops")
    "Merge the items on Vayle's Merge Shop on /join necropolis"
    3.) Reprehensible Rhodium x1: From "Reprehensible Rhodium Hex" Quest
    4.) Merge the items into Reprehensible Rhodium of Doom from Geopetal's Forge Metal on /join dwarfhold

    -Forge Key x1: /join dwarfhold and kill Albino Bat (Monster) 
  4. Do "DoomSquire Weapon Kit" Quest:
    -Iron Hammer x1: /join greenguardeast and purchase it from LoreMaster Sara's Shop
    -War Mummy Wrap x1: /join sandcastle and Kill War Mummy
    -Noob Blade Oil x1: /join noobshire and Kill Horc Noob
    -Bronze Brush x1: /join lair and Kill Bronze Draconian
    -Burlap Cloth x4: /join farm and Kill Scarecrow x4
    -Elemental Stone Sharpener x1: /join bludrut and Kill Rock Elemental (1)
    -Dark Makai Lacquer Finish x1: /join nulgath or tercessuinotlim and kill Dark Makai
  5. Do "DoomSoldier Weapon Kit" Quest:
    -Stone Hammer x1: /join cornelis and Kill Stone Golem
    -Superior Blade Oil x1: /join hachiko and Kill Dai Tengu
    -Leatherwing Hide x10: /join guru and Kill Leatherwing
    -Silver Brush x1: /join lycan and Kill Chaos Vampire Knight
    -Leather Case x1 /join sandport and Kill Tomb Robber (1)
    -Shadowstone Sharpener x1: /join necrocavern and Kill either Shadow Imp, Shadowstone Elemental, or Shadowstone Support
    -Shadow Lacquer Finish x1: /join vordredboss and Kill Shadow Vordred
    -Copper Awl x1: /join anders and Kill Copper Sky Pirate
    -Grumpy Warhammer x1: /join boxes and Kill Sneeviltron (Monster)
    -No. 1337 Blade Oil x1: /join kitsune and Kill Kitsune (1)
    -Gold Brush x1: /join sandcastle and Kill Chaos Sphinx (Monster)
    -Non-abrasive Power Powder x1: /join crashsite and Kill ProtaSartorium (Monster)
    -ShadowDragon Hide x3: /join necrocavern and Kill Shadow Dragon x3
    -Moganth's Stone Sharpener x1: /join dragonplane and Kill Moganth
    -Doom Lacquer Finish x1: /join akiba and Kill Shadow Nukemichi
    -Dark Wyvern Hide Travel Case x1: /join dreamnexus and Kill Dark Wyvern
  7. Now you need to make the mace to get "Doom Aura" that consist of 3 form:
    1.) First Mace Form:  Mace of Misery
    2.) Second Mace Form: Shadow Mace of Misery
    3.) Final Mace Form: Necrotic Mace of Misery

    To get the final mace form you need a total of:
    "use DoomKnight Weapon Kit Quest to farm the left over resources"
    >DoomSquire Weapon Kit x1 : from DoomSquire Weapon Kit Quest
    >DoomSoldier Weapon Kit x1 : from DoomSoldier Weapon Kit Quest
    >DoomKnight Weapon Kit x1 : from DoomKnight Weapon Kit Quest
    >Reprehensible Rhodium of Doom x1 : from Reprehensible Rhodium of Doom Quest
    >Dark Spirit Orb x20
    >Corrupt Spirit Orb x3
    >Undead Energy x7 : /join battleunderb and Kill the monster on this location
    >Dark Energy (Misc) x50 : /join nulgath or tercessuinotlim and kill Dark Makai
    >Merge the requirements item on Vayle's Merge Shop on /join necropolis
  8. After you got  Necrotic Mace of Misery, then you already on the last step. And you will only need to repeat the same quest of "Pinpoint the Pieces with Necrotic Mace" over and over until you meet the quota to complete "Summoning Sepulchure's Armor" Quest and hope that "Doom Aura" will drop for you, with a total requirements:
    1.) Corrupt Spirit Orb x250
    2.) Omnius Aura x125
    3.) Diabolical Aura x75
    4.) Doom Aura x1
    5.) Dark Spirit Orb x500
    6.) Experimental Dark Item : from "Sepulchure's Armor" Quest
    7.) Heart of Darkness x1: /join ruins and Kill Dark Elemental
    8.) DoomKnight Weapon Kit x1 : from "DoomKnight Weapon Kit" Quest

    The reason why you need to make Mace first is because you can create another Necrotic Weapons later to get another pieces, because it will gives you easy Ominous Aura and Dark Spirit Orb.

    The following is the Necrotic Weapons for respective pieces:
    1. Get Rhodium for Necrotic Bow or Beryllium for Necrotic Shade Blade for Corrupt Spirit Orb
    2. Get Chromium for Necrotic Broadsword for Diabolical Aura
  9. Complete the quest and you will get the Armor and Sepulchure Doomknight Armor Character Page Badge!
  10. Congratulations for enduring this long farming. Cheers~

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how many dark orbs do you need in total

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there is nothing to do in aqw and the stuff that you actually want to farm for takes forever played the game for 8+ years and i can confirm it's not worth wasting months farming for a weapon/armor in a dying flash game.

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Because using the Mace, you will have the base access to create all of the orbs/auras

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Thanks that's really helpful guideline You have there even the trick to easily get the orbs are in there

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go for the daggers and bow since u get more ominous aura with the daggers and get some dark spirit orb with the bow, going for the mace is just a waste of time.

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Yes, you can also do that, but the point by creating the mace is to give you access to get easy Ominous Aura and Dark Spirit Orb to create another weapons.
When you already got the Mace, you can do whatever you want to farm the Armor, because you will have easier access to create another Necrotic weapons.

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Do i really need to become member to do the quest?

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Yes, you need to be a member to do the quest

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In total you'll need 10500 dark spirit orbs to complete the grind.