Best Nulgath Reagents Farming (non-mem) Guide

Farming Nulgath Reagents

This time i will tell you about the best farming point to farm nulgath reagents, 
As a nulgath follower it is known to farm extremely huge amount of the reagents, such as: tainted gems, dark crsytal shard, etc for his unbelievable quests. So in this section i will tell you the most efficient farming the reagents without being a member and using any ACs!!!.

As you farm the reagents it is recommended to use some of the glitch here: Worked AQW Glitch!!!

1. Tainted Gem:

  1. The fastest way to farm this is by doing the "Bone Dust Reagent" Quest that it require 25 bone dust for 1 Tainted gem, farm this on /join battleunderb with boosted room.
  2. Then the second way is to farm this with additional farming the other reagents, what i mean is doing the "The Assistant" Quest or "Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance" Quest, the chance of getting the Tainted Gem is not that bad, so if you are also farming the other reagents you should do this quest instead. The trick to farm with this is by farming the gold in /join extinction, to purchase the "Blood Cloak", "please read this for your information: Fastest way to get GOLD on AQW"
2. Dark Crystal Shard:
    For this reagent i will divide it into 4 ways:
  1. Farm it using "The Assistant" Quest or "Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance" Quest with additional of "Swindle's Return Policy" Quest, this Swindle's quest require: Unidentified 10 x10, Unidentified 4, Unidentified 5, Unidentified 7, Unidentified 8, and Nulgath Rune 3 (Legion Fenrir). So on how this works is that you farm it on The Assistant or Supplies to Spin, that there is a little bit chance of getting the Dark Crystal Shard, and also farm the Unidentified that is required for the Swindle's quest. So, use the glitch to stack the Unidentified 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10.
  2. The Second way is using the "Tainted Deal" Quest, that trade 50 Tainted Gems for 5 Dark Crystal Shard, well. if you feel that you have surplus on Tainted Gems you should do this quest. "Require Unidentified 13 to access the quest"
  3. The third is by doing the "Nation Loyalty Rewarded" Quest, this quest is a little bit hard since you need to battle some bosses around the lore, and you need some item to access the quest. For the required item itself to complete the quest is: Defeated Makai x25, Kill Carnax at /join aqlesson, Kill Kathool at /join deepchaos, Kill Red Dragon at /join lair, Kill Fluffy the Dracolich at /join dflesson, and Kill Bloodtitan at /join bloodtitan. So the trick in this way is that do this quest when you already farmed enough "Defeated Makai" and stacked it using the glitch. "Require Nation Round 4 Medal and Unidentifed 13 to access the quest."
  4. The fourth is using the "Essence of Defeat Regeant" Quest, on this quest it's not that different from the third way using the "Nation Loyalty Rewarded" Quest, on fourth way, i can say that this is the easier version than the "Nation Loyalty Rewarded" Quest, since the required material is from bosses that have less hp than third way, and to farm the Dark Cystal Shard from this quest i recommend you to stack the stackable material first, such as: Defeated Makai, Escherion's Chain, O-dokuro's Tooth, Strand of Vath's Hair, Aracara's Fang, and Hydra Scale. after that, if you think you have enough stackable material, just kill Tibicenas on /join djinn to turn in the quest to get the Dark Crystal Shard. 
3. Diamond of Nulgath:
    Regarding the name of "Diamond" it is considerably easily to get rather than Tainted Gem or Dark Crystal Shard.
  1. Do the "Only The Strong Survive Today" Quest at /join evilwarnul, it gives you Diamond of Nulgath x2, and the required items is just killing the monster on the map. "Require Unidentified 13 and Completion of Dragonslayer Reward Quest at /join lair".
4. Essence of Nulgath/Gem of Nulgath/ Totem of Nulgath:
    For these reagents, all of the above reagents are the same quest to farm it.
  1. To farm these reagents do the quest "Voucher item: Totem of Nulgath" Quest. It require Essence of Nulgath x60 to get Totem of Nulgath x1/ Gem of Nulgath x10. Use Boosted room to maximize your farming, to do the glitch at Tercessuinotlim, just put 1 account at the portal to Tercessuinotlim and do the glitch between the room and go back to the portal of Tercessuinotlim. "Require Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem) to access this quest".
5. Unidentified 13:
    This reagent is one of the rarest reagent of nulgath that is hard to get, because of the low drop rate.
  1. The easiest to farm this for non mem is by farm it using "Ascended Drakath Gear" Quest by killing Dread Stranglerfish at /join towerofdoom4, just to mention the drop rate is also not that great. "Require Original Drakath Armor to access the quest at /join battleon, to get the Armor you should check this out: How to Get Original Drakath Armor"
  2. Second way is using "The Assistant" Quest or "Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance".
  3. Third is using "Nulgath" Quest. "some people said the drop rate is better on this quest"
6. Voucher of Nulgath:
  1. Farm this using "Nulgath" Quest or "Supplies to Spin the Chance of Wheel" Quest. "from my experience it has more drop rate on Nulgath quest"
7. Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem):
  1. Farm this using "Nulgath" Quest or "The Assistant" Quest or "Supplies to Spin the Chance of Wheel" Quest. "from my experience it has more drop rate on The Assistant Quest"
8. Blood Gem of the Archfiend:
  1. The only to farm this for non mem is by do the "Kiss the Void" Quest, Use the Buyback Glitch after you turn in the quest to get the Tendurrr back, and use boosted room to farm the Fragment of Chaos.

Note: I will update this if there is another way to get nulgath reagents faster.
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June 22, 2017 at 8:34 PM ×

Nice! This guide should really help me farm those reagents.

Xander Perez
July 11, 2017 at 10:50 PM ×

Btw, Crush the Weak quest is for Members and requires to kill some Legion. Any other tips regarding to get Diamond of Nulgath?

October 23, 2017 at 11:41 PM ×

Regarding to that, you are right the "Crush The Weak" is a member quest, and it looks like i have a mistake in there.
So for the quest to get the Diamond of Nulgath is the quest "Only The Strong Survive Today" quest.

Thank you for you feedback and visiting my website :)

November 26, 2017 at 11:06 AM ×

Great guide. But for dark crystal shards isn't essence of defeat reagents better?

November 26, 2017 at 7:37 PM ×

Thank you for your feedback, i appreciate it very much for your thought, i will review it again for the guide. And after i test it, it does a much faster method to farm only the Dark Crystal Shard than the other method. However, i don't always use this method to farm the Dark Crystal Shard, since i got the Dark Cyrstal Shard from other Nulgath's Quest, such as The Assistant, Supplies to Spin The Wheel of Chance, Swindle's Return Policy, etc.

Thank you for your visit :)

November 26, 2017 at 7:38 PM ×

Thank you for your visit :)