(How to Get) Blade of Awe Guide

Blade of Awe

As the title says, the following article i will going to tell you is how to get the MOST AMAZING TREASURE that Valencia has. And that's right, that is the Blade of Awe.
So how come is this blade is amazing you say?
  1. This blade is of one the weapon that is a little bit difficult to obtain because the drop rate of the required material that is needed to create this weapon is extremely low, and it will goes lower after each quest is done.
  2. This weapon is a masterpiece from some of Artix Entertainment games, so if you have this weapon it means you are amazing. :D
  3. This weapon is required to create more amazing stuff
  4. To unlock Awe Enhancements!
  5. To get more Awe Gear, that will grants you lots of buff gold, xp, reputation!

So to create this amazing weapon you only need to do 5 quests from Valencia at /join museum , and go to the Crossroads:
  1. "Find the Stonewrit!" Quest: kill any Dragon monster on the lore or /join lair
  2. "Find the Handle!" Quest: kill any Elemental monster on the lore or /join gilead
  3. "Find the Hilt!" Quest: kill any Undead monster on the lore or /join graveyard
  4. "Find the Blade!" Quest: kill any Chaos Beast monster on the lore or /join hydra
  5. "Find the Runes!" Quest: kill any Chaos Lord monster on the lore or /join escherion or /join djinn "it is said that Tibicenas has more drop rate, but it is up to you where do you want to farm it"
when you done the quests you will instantly will be rank 6 of Blade of Awe, then talk to Valencia and merge the materials on Valencia Merge Shop to crate the Blade of Awe.
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