(How to Get) Juggernaut Items of Nulgath Guide

Juggernaut Items of Nulgath
Updated As of 6/15/2020


Hello, this is a little guide about getting the Juggernaut Items of Nulgath.
For beginner follower of nulgath this quest might be the hardest of all nulgath quests, but in reality this is just an easy task for an expert nulgath follower.

For the items from the reward that will be given by the quest, consist of 10 items which is: 
  1. 18 items for non-member "AC- Tagged Item"
  2. 3 items for member "AC- Tagged Item"

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So let's get to it:

Juggernaut Items of Nulgath Quest (Require Unidentified 13 to access the quest, and must be at least level 30, and Completed "Dragonslayer Reward" Quest on /join lair):
Check above link on how to farm the nulgath reagents
  1. Diamond of Nulgath x13 
  2. Dark Crystal Shard x50 
  3. Gem of Nulgath x20 
  4. Nulgath Rune 2: Dropped by Undead Bruiser at /join evilwarnul
  5. Tainted Gem x50 
  6. Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem) x1 
  7. Totem of Nulgath x3 
Done, now you can choose one of the reward from 21 items reward from the quest,
For beginner the best choice is the Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath or Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath, because you can upgrade it into Void Avenger's Scythe or Cyber Phoenix Blade of Nulgath later on, and you could get it back by the Buyback Item on https://account.aq.com/

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