Legion Army of Dage with only 120 ACs

All Hail Legion!!!
Updated As of 6/13/2020

Dage the Ruler of the Legion

You will need a total of 1200 ACs, but you will get your 1080 ACs back later

Legion Army of Dage with only 120 ACs - To be a Legion follower you only need to know how to farm Legion Token, and the main source of the Legion army is from the Completion of "Fail to the King", if you did not complete this quest, it is more likely there is no door that will make you to be a Legion, that makes you cannot farm Legion Token's either.

So to complete "Fail to the King" Quest you must complete it under 24 HOURS or you will spent more than 120 ACs, how to complete the quest is by having 1200 ACs first in your backpack and buy the "Undead Warrior" Armor and sell it back after you complete the "Fail to the King" Quest.


Because, there is an item that you need to have before buying the armor, so you can complete the "Fail to the King" Quest faster under 24 hours.
  1. Combat Trophy x200, /join bludrutbrawl if you want to contest with other player or for easier way /join bludrutbrawl-999999 (any number 4 digits up)

After farming Combat Trophy x200 you are ready to complete the "Fail to the King" Quest and Buy "Undead Warrior (Armor)" for 1200 ACs to access the quest.
Next is a little bit walkthrough to complete the quest:
  1. Undead Champion Initiation Quest:
    - Black Knight's Eternal Contract: Kill Black Knight on /join greenguardwest
  2. Mourn the Soldiers Quest:
    - Skeletal Soldier Slain x1: Kill Skeletal Soldier on /join swordhavenundead
    - Chaos Drow Slain x1: Kill Chaos Drow on /join dwarfhold
    - Fishman Soldier Slain x1: Kill Fishman Soldier on /join pirates
    - Dwakel Soldier Slain x1: Kill Dwakel Soldier on /join willowcreek
  3. Understanding Undead Champions Quest:
    - Ravaged Champion Soul x80: Kill Undead Champion on /join battleunderb
  4. Player vs Power Quest:
    - Combat Trophy x200: /join bludrutbrawl to get Combat Trophy "if you farm this before, then just turn in the quest"
  5. Fail to the King Quest: 
    - King's Guard Slain x25: Kill King Alteon's Knight on /join prison
  6. Done, now you can sell your "Undead Warrior (Armor)" for 1080 ACs, or you can keep it as memories
Congratulation, you are officially become a Legion and unlocked other of Dage's Legion Quests!, the next thing what you need to do is to sell the "Undead Warrior" Armor, to get your 1080 ACs back that is if you completed the quest under 24 HOURS, or you want to keep your "Undead Warrior" Armor as a collection.

Good Luck, Cheers!

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