(Walkthrough) Mysterious Hunt Guide

Mysterious Hunt

STAHP!!!, there is a mysterious stranger that bring us a list of quest. This stranger is located in "shadowfall" map. So i want to give you the walkthrough to complete this mysterious stranger:
  1. The Lost Teacher: /join tutor and kill "Horc Tutor Trainer"
  2. Big Gold Coins: /join prison and slay the "Piggy Drake"
  3. Light as a Feather: /join lavarun and kill "Phaedra"
  4. Shard Shard Shard: /join chaoscrypt and kill "Chaorrupted Armor"
  5. White Scales, Light Scales: /join j6 and collect White Scales from the zards
  6. The Stench of Defeat: /join orcpath and click the arrows around the map
  7. If you can't stand the heat...: /join lair and kill "Red Dragon"
  8. The Depths of Despair: /join well and click the skull
  9. All Things Green and Small...: /join bonecastle and kill "Green Rat"
  10. Doom... Or Redemption?: /join sepulchure and kill "Dark Sepulchure"
  11. The Mysterious Reward: /join yulgar and go upstairs "rooftoop" to meet the Mysterious Stranger.
  12. You will get the reward.

The Name of the Weapon is "Golden Blade of Fate"
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