Mysterious Hunt Guide Walkthrough

Updated As of 7/11/2020

Mysterious Hunt

Mysterious Hunt Guide Walkthrough - STAHP!!!, there is a mysterious stranger that bring us a list of quest. This stranger is located in "shadowfall" map. So i want to give you the walkthrough to complete this mysterious stranger:

  1. The Lost Teacher Quest: /join tutor and kill "Horc Tutor Trainer"
  2. Big Gold Coins Quest: /join prison and slay the "Piggy Drake"
  3. Light as a Feather Quest: /join lavarun and kill "Phaedra"
  4. Shard Shard Shard Quest: /join chaoscrypt and kill "Chaorrupted Armor"
  5. White Scales, Light Scales Quest: /join j6 and collect White Scales from the zards
  6. The Stench of Defeat Quest: /join orcpath and click the arrows around the map
  7. If you can't stand the heat... Quest: /join lair and kill "Red Dragon"
  8. The Depths of Despair Quest: /join well and click the skull
  9. All Things Green and Small... Quest: /join bonecastle and kill "Green Rat"
  10. Doom... Or Redemption? Quest: /join sepulchure and kill "Dark Sepulchure"
  11. The Mysterious Reward Quest:
    /join yulgar and go upstair "rooftoop" to meet the Mysterious Stranger.
  12. You will get the reward. "The reward is the light version of NSoD, however there's no bonus attack damage boost"
Golden Blade of Fate Mysterious Hunt

The Name of the Weapon is "Golden Blade of Fate"

Caspirilia's Mysterious Hunt
Elite Void Set! + Bonus Hyperfiend Set!

Goto /join citadel and talk to Casparilia near tercessuinotlim portal. This is a fast walkthrough to get the set:
To get the Armor:

  1. Easy AND Breezy! Quest: /join forest and kill Boss Zardman
  2. Disguises and a Ruse Quest: /join bludrut2 and kill Shadow Creeper
  3. Icky and Smelly Quest: /join marsh2 and kill Thrax Ironhide
  4. Dress for the Occasion! Quest: /join sleuthhound and Kill Harmoire
  5. Can't Play Games without a Lunch Break Quest: /join noobshire and Kill Kittarian Mouse Eater
  6. She Needs a Hero Quest: /join doomvault and Kill Pricess Angler
  7. Sun and Fun Quest: /join luncove and Kill Beach  Ball
  8. Heebie Jeebies Quest: /join marsh and Kill Dreadspider
  9. A New Pet Quest: /join iceplane and Kill Enfield
  10. Spoiled Dragon Quest: /join lair and Kill Red Dragon
  11. You will get the Armor

To get the Weapon and Pet:

  1. The Unpredictable Element Quest: /join ledgermayne and Kill Ledgermayne to get Weapon
  2. There, But Not There Quest:
    /join palace or /join hyperium (locked zone) and Kill Invisible to get Weapon
    "you might want to check this out: How to go to Hyperium "
  3. Slaying Humble Quest: /join underlair and Kill ArchFiend DragonLord to get Pet

There's also bonus hyperfiend set that available from Casparilla's Merge Shop, and the required material are from these quest:
  1. Stylish and Trendy Quest: /join mudluk and Kill Swamp Lurker and Kill Swamp Frogdrake
  2. Sparkle, Sparkle Quest:
    /join lycanwar and Kill Edvard,
    /join nyx and Kill Luca,
    /join mortis and Kill Solani
  3. Limited Quantity Quest: /join lunacove and Kill Island Girl or Lunar Villager
  4. My Monster Can Beat Your Monster Quest: /join lust and Kill Devoted Admirer

Inanitas's Mysterious Hunt

Fortitude + Hubris Dual Damage Boost Weapon!

Goto /join dragonrune and talk to Inanitas, and let's get to it:
  1. Qualifying Quest: /join stalagbite and Kill Balboa
  2. Rest for the Not Very Wicked Quest:
    /join pines and Kill Red Shell Turtle, Pine Grizzly, and Pine Troll
    /join tavern and talk to Dreamy
  3. Pisces Pieces Quest:
    /join river and Kill Kuro
  4. Be Ebil Quest:
    /join maul and Kill Creature Creation and click Ebil Disk on Zorbak Secret Room on his hut on this map
  5. Eternal, Never-Ending Darkness and Death Lance Quest:
    /join shadowrealm and Kill Shadow Lord
  6. It Takes a Special Brand of Glory Quest:
    /join dragontown and Kill Chaos Fluffy
  7. 1st Trial Quest:
    /join northlands and Kill Snow Golem
    /join david and click David's Foot
  8. 2nd Trial Quest:
    /join northpointe and Kill Wyvern
  9. 3rd Trial Quest:
    /join museum and enter "sirbuh" special code "you might want to check this out: AQW Special Codes"
  10. 4th Trial Quest:
    /join razorclaw and Kill Enraged Razorclaw
  11. Hubris Quest:
    /join doomwood or /join doompally and Kill Doomwood Ectomancer
    /join trigoras and Kill Trigoras
    /join styx and Kill Styx Hydra
  12. Fortitude Quest:
    /join iceplane and Kill Enfield
    /join mummies and Kill Mummy
    /join banished and Kill Desterrat Moya
  13. Dual Wielding Quest:
    /join skytower and Kill Aspect of Good and Aspect of Evil by clicking Inanitas's left hand on this map
    - Hubris from previous quest
    - Fortitude from previous quest
  14. Complete the Quest and get the Fortitude + Hubris Dual Weapon that deals 25% more damage boost to Undead and Human!

Exalted Paladin Armor Sets

The starting point of this quest is by talking to Jill'Ette on /join lightguard. After you find her you can start your journey to hunt the missing exalted paladin armor sets by completing a chain of quest from her!
  1. Surely it Starts and Ends Here Quest:
    /join dragonheart and Kill each Dracoliches and Avatar of Desolich
  2. The First Scroll Quest:
    /join ectocave and Kill Ichor Dracolich
  3. The Second Scroll Quest:
    /join frozenruins and Kill Frostdeep Dweller
  4. The Third Scroll Quest:
    /join thirdspell and Kill Great Solar Elemental
  5. The Fourth Scroll Quest:
    /join table and Kill Roach (Monster). To kill Roach (Monster) you need to finish a race, after that choose any Race Prizes! from Crychek and it will teleport you to Roach (Monster) 
  6. The Fifth Scroll Quest:
    /join dracocon and Kill Singer
  7. The Final Scroll Quest:
    /join warhorc and Kill General Drox
  8. And you will get all of the silver exalted paladin sets
  9. If you want to turn your sets into gold you will need to invest some time to farm Ancient Alloy from "Ancient Alloys" Jill'Ette's Quest and you will need Rank 5 Treasure Hunter.
  10. You will get Rank 5 Treasure Hunter as you farm Ancient Alloy x111
    "make sure to use boosting gear that has 25% more reputationn boost"
  11. You will need a total amount of Alloy Materials x1110 "can only be stacked to x100" that is equivalent to Ancient Alloy x111 "can be stacked to x300" to get all silver exalted paladin sets into gold exalted paladin sets
  12. To get Ancient Alloy you need to complete "Ancient Alloys" Quest:
    - Alloy Materials x10: Kill Shadowstrike on /join shadowvault

Good Luck!, Cheers!
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