How to get Light Caster Class

Updated As of 6/13/2020


To obtain this class you only need to complete "LightCaster Class" Quest from Aranx on /join celestialrealm (
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Without any further due, lets get to the requirements to obtain this class:

  1. Level 80
  2. Have 1000 ACs to get LightMage Class (
  3. Completed all Quests on Celestial Realm, Lost Ruins, and Lost Ruins War Quests
  4. Have Guardian of Spirits' Blade (Completing "Guardian of Spirits' Blade" Quest)
  5. Have Avatar Death's Scythe (Completing "Avatar Death's Scythe" Quest)
  6. Have Lance of Time (Completing "Lance of Time" Quest)
  7. Have Burning Blade (2) (1% drop rate)
  8. Beat all Bosses on Celestial Arena to fight Aranx (Monster)
  9. Have Burning Blade of Abezeth (5% drop rate)
  10. Kill Aranx (Monster) for Aranx's Pure Light (10% drop rate)

  1. If you want this class i suggest you to level up to 80 before proceed any further, because to access the quest you need level 80. There is another article on how to grind the xp for leveling up your character: How to Level Up Fast
  2. After you reach level 80, then /join celestialrealm (

    1.) You need 1000 ACs to get LightMage Class in order to access the quest. You can get LightMage Class by purchasing Evolved LightCaster (Armor) from Aranx's Shop "Evolved LightCaster Armor" option for 1000 ACs.
    2.) Get LightMage Class Token A by clicking "Evolved LightCaster Token" option.
    3.) After that you only need to merge LightMageClass Token A on "LightMage Class" option.
  3. Complete all the quests from Aranx on /join celestialrealm (

    1.) Summon Help Quest
    -Holy Water x1: Click Blue Arrow on Screen 2

    -Bright Flower Seed x10: Kill either Fallen Knight (Version 1) or Infernal Knight (Monster) (1)
    -Golden Grain x1: Kill Celestial Bird of Paradise 

    2.) Power Up! Quest
    -Basic Guard Potion x10: /join embersea and purchase Basic Guard Potion 10 times on Skira's Shop (

    -Potion x10: Kill Celestial Bird of Paradise 
    -Spell Notes x5: Kill either Fallen Knight (Version 1) or Infernal Knight (Monster) (1)

    3.) The Final Spell Fragment
    -Last Spell Fragment x1: Click blue arrow on Screen 4

    4.) Find the Map:-Dwakel Recorder x1: /join crashsite and go to Screen 3 and click Dwakel Recorder (

    -Map of Lore x1: Kill Infernal Knight (Monster) (1)

    Reveal the Portal
    -Click the Blue Arrow (the portal) on Screen 7


  • After that you will be redirected to /join lostruins and you have to complete all the quests from Aranx on this location. (

    1.) Investigate the Ruins Quest:
    -Plant Found x3: Click Blue Arrow on Screen 3, 4, and 5
    Screen 3

    Screen 4

    Screen 5

    -Underworld Hound Defeated x5: Kill Underworld Hound (1)

    2.) Take out the Knights Quest:
    -Fallen Knight Slain x10:  Kill either Fallen Knight (Version 1) or Infernal Knight (Monster) (1)

    Find the Clues Quest:
    -Clue 1 x1: Kill either Underworld Hound (1) or Infernal Imp (Monster) (Version 2)
    -Clue 2 x1: Kill either Underworld Hound (1) or Infernal Imp (Monster) (Version 2)
    -Clue 3 x1: Kill Fallen Knight (Version 1)
    -Clue 4 x1: Kill Infernal Knight (Monster) (1)

    4.) Recover the Cage Key! Quest:
    -Cage Key x1: Kill Fallen Knight (Version 1) on Screen 4
    You have to kill fallen knight exactly on this location

    -Holy Oil x1: /join fishing and purchase Holy Oil x1 (Requires Rank 2 Fishing) (

    To increase your Fishing Reputation, just keep throwing Fishing Baits or Dynamites until Rank 2 Fishing. You can check your Fishing Reputation by right clicking your avatar icon on top left of the screen and click Reputation. If you runs out of baits, then /join greenguardwest to get the Fishing Baits from Frogzard or you can do the "Favor for Faith" Quest to get 2 Dynamites and 7 Fishing Baits.
    Faith's Location

    5.) Protect Them Quest:
    -Potent Guard Potion x10: /join embersea and purchase Potent Guard Potion 10 times on Skira's Shop (

    -Infernal Enemy Defeated x15: Kill any monster on /join lostruins
    -Fallen Knight (Version 1)
    -Infernal Knight (Monster) (1)
    -Underworld Hound (1)
    -Infernal Imp (Monster) (Version 2)

    6.) Break the Spell Quest:
    -Brimstone-Stained Gauntlet x5: Kill either Fallen Knight (Version 1) or Infernal Knight (Monster) (1)
    -Onyx Spike x3: Kill Underworld Hound (1)-Infernal Crystal x5: Click on blue arrows on Screen 2,3,4,5

    Screen 2

    Screen 3

    Screen 4

    Screen 5screencage5

    Open the Cage Quest:
    -Brothers Released x1: Click on blue arrow on Screen 6

    -Annointed Cage Key x1: You got this key from previous quest, which "Recover the Cage Key!" Quest.

    Defeat the Infernal Warlord:
    After completing previous quest, you will redirected to where "Infernal Warlord (Monster)" is located. Just accept the quest from Aranx then kill Infernal Warlord.
  • After defeating Infernal Warlord, you will redirected to /join lostruinswar and you can either start to farm the Burning Blade or 3 other parts that is required to access the "LightCaster Class" quest.

    1.) Burning Blade (2): Kill Diabolical Warlord (Monster) on Screen 7 with 1% drop rate (

    2.) "Guardian of Spirits' Blade" Quest to get Guardian of Spirits' Blade:
    Trapped Spiris x500: Kill either Fallen Knight (Version 1) or Infernal Knight (Monser) (1)

    3.) "Avatar of Death's Scythe" Quest to get Avatar of Death's Scythe:
    Energy of Death x500: Kill Underworld Hound (1)

    4.) "Spear of Time" Quest to get Lance of Time:
    Captured time x500: Kill Infernal Imp (Monster) (Version 2)

    "I suggest you to accept all Farming Quests from Aranx and farm Trapped Spirits on Screen 4, and as for Energy of Death and Captured Time farm it on Screen 5 or Screen 6"
    Screen 4 for Trapped Spirits

    Screen 5 for Energy of Death and Captured Time

    Screen 6 for Energy of Death and Captured Timeenergydeathandcapturedtime
  • After you got all the requirements you can access the "LightCaster Class" Quest from Aranx on /join celestialrealm and accept it.
  • Then go to /join celestialarena and talk to Aranx and beat all of the competitors from the option "Quests 1-10", "Quests 11-20", "Quests 21-29". After completing the last quest "Battle Fallen Abezeth!" you can accept the quest "FINAL FIGHT!" and go challange Aranx (Monster) to get Burning Blade of Abezeth with 5% drop rate and Aranx's Pure Light with 10% drop rate.
  • Done! now you can complete the quest and get your amazing LightCaster Class to beat some Bossess azzes!

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