(Walkthrough) How to go to Hyperium

Hyperium Starship

This is a walkthrough on how to go to Hyperium Starship that is owned by J6 the bounty hunter, first of all you need some items to carry around your backpack to go to this map:
  1. J6's Secret Hideout Map: Get this by killing Sketchy Dragon and kill until drops on /join j6
  2. Get hyperium coordinates on /join saloon by completing a set of quiz given by j6
  3. Quiz Answer:
    > Where J6 was spotted last?:
    - Westion
    > Who saw J6 last?:
    - Joe Jingle
    > What did J6 steal?:
    - Crystalized Dragon Breath:
    > What is J6's weapon of choice?:
    - Dual Revolovers
    > What is J6's eye color?
    - Green
    > What is J6's class?
    - Thief
  4. Dwakel Decoder: : Get this on /join crash site
Next is the step on how you go to the Hyperium Starship:
  1. Equip J6's Secret Hideout Map
  2. Click on the map "Literally click your weapon, then a new window of map will opened"
  3. Drag the mouse to 525X, 275Y and see if the Decoder turns green "342Y, 199X is for /join saloon map"
  4. If it already turns green, then click it.
  5. Done and you will redirected to Hyperium Starship

J6 Armory Guide

To open the armory just follow these instruction:
  1. Go to this room in /join hyperium using the map 
  2. Click accordingly the number like on the picture. "Click the picture to zoom in"

    "Click accordingly with the clockwise: 2-3-5-7-11"
  3. Done.
1. There is some quest on this map
2. Defense Turret gives a lot of XP but kills you fast

3. To deactive the turret you need to complete all quest on /join zephyrus"
4. To fight "Invisble Monster" you need to go to Screen 5 (The halfway after the turret Screen) and go back to Screen 3 (Turret Screen) and press 1 on keyboard or autoattack, but be careful as they deal high amount of damage or you can also fight 'em on /join palace and go to Screen 7 (where there's an iron door) and press 1 or autoattack

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