(Walkthrough) How to go to Hyperium

Hyperium Starship

Hello there, today i want to give you a little walkthrough on how to go to Hyperium Starship that is owned by J6 the bounty hunter, first of all you need some items to carry around your backpack to go to this map:
  1. J6's Secret Hideout Map: Get this by killing Sketchy Dragon and wait until it drop at /join j6
  2. Dwakel Decoder: : Get this on /join crash site
Next is the step on how you go to the Hyperium Starship:
  1. Equip J6's Secret Hideout Map
  2. Click on the map "Literally click your weapon, then a new window of map will opened"
  3. Drag the mouse to 525X, 275Y and see if the Decoder turns green "342Y, 199X is for /join saloon map"
  4. If it already turns green, then click it.
  5. Done and you will directed to Hyperium Starship.
Note: There is some quest in this map, and there is also Defense Turret and Invisible  that gives tons of xp and could 1 hit K.O, "to deactive the turret you need to complete the quest at /join zephyrus"
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