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Member AQW Indonesia Portal Battleon - If you want to have membership on AQW, there is some ways.

This method is using the Artix Points from to have membership on AQW "which is LEGAL", then the minimum Artix Points to be a membership of AQW is 2000 Artix Points, but i recommend you guys to buy the "3 Months Membership + 6000 coins" because it has more benefit, that cost up to 5000 Artix Points. Or just choose any package you want using your Artix Points.

Keep in mind that Artix Entertainment also charged an tax of 10% of the payment

So let's get started on how to get the Artix Points:
First, through Mol Points
Second, through SMS/ Phone

First, using Mol Points
Things you will need :
  1. Portal.battleon account at :
  2. Mol account at :
  3. Mol point Voucher (you can buy it from Alfamart/Resseller/Any Payment Method)
  1. Log in to "Recommend to use google mail/gmail account if you want to register".
  2. Choose "Reload Now" under "Alfamart" if you buy the voucher from Alfamart, or Choose from where do you buy the voucher. 
    how to be aqw member indonesia
  3. Enter the "Serial Number" and "PIN", click "CONTINUE".
  4. Your MOL Account balance will reloaded for the amount of the voucher.
  5. Log in to
  6. Click "Get Points" on the top of the website toolbar
  7. Choose your package below "Select Points Package"
  8. Under "Select Payment Method and click Buy Now" option, choose Rixty/ Mol points, then Click "Buy Now"
  9. After that you will be redirected to an checkout window to complete the transaction, then click Login if you already have rixty account or just using Facebook account to login. 
    how to be member aqw indonesia
  10. After you logged in. Choose "Transfer from MOL Account".
  11. Click "Transfer Funds", then it will pop out another window to redirect to checkout
  12. Login to your mol account, then confirm your purchase again using your MOL password, then click "Confirm & Pay"
  13. After that you will be asked to Confirm again, then go back/redirect to
  14. Then you will be asked to Confirm again at and tick the check box.
  15. Done, you will get your Artix Point immediately.
Second, using SMS/Phone
Things you will need :

  1. Portal.battleon account at :
  2. Mobile phone
  1. Log in to
  2. Click "Get Points"
  3. Click "SMS And Phone" 
    Next step on portal battleon
  4. Select the Artix Point package under "boku cell phone system", then Click "Buy Points"
  5. Choose the Operator "for now only support for Indosat".
  6. Insert your Mobile Phone Number, Click "Lanjutkan"
  7. From your mobile phone send a message that is related to the instruction. 
  8. Click the related information
  9. Insert the Code that you receive from mobile phone, and proceed
  10. Done, you will get your Artix Point immediately.
OK, that was how you get the Artix Point, next is how you select the Package to use your Artix Point for AQW membership, ACs, etc.

  1. Click "My Games" under your profile picture/portrait.
  2. Choose your "Account Info and Upgrades" from Adventure Quest Worlds game section
  3. Select the package, then Click "Buy"
  4. Tick the check box, and proceed
  5. Then you will receive the package. "To check just log in to your account".

This guide is for member aqw indonesia that want their character to be upgraded.

Note: If you are confused please tell me.

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