(How to Get) Awe Suit Guide

Awe Suit

Hello guys, if you read this article you must already complete/getting the Blade of Awe weapon, if you did not get it yet, this guide might help you: How to Get Blade of Awe.

So this Awe Suit is the next Awe-SOME gear that can give you tons of xp, gold, and reputation boost.
In this section i will classify each of the gear with:
  1. Easy to get, 
  2. Medium to get, 
  3. Hard to get 
Because of the time consuming and the combination of how hard the boss is.
Tips here, that use the Pangs Glitch to easily kill the bosses, check this out: Worked AQW Glitch!!!

The First gear is the CAPE AND WEAPON (EASY):
1. Cape of Awe:
    Cape Relic x1:
    - Cape Fragment x1 by killing Binky once at /join doomvault
2. Awethur's Accoutrements:
    -buy the item from Gear of Awe Shop in /join museum  and rank 6 Blade of Awe requirement

The Second gear is the HELM (MEDIUM):
1. Helm Relic x1:
    - Helm Fragment x50:
      -Helm Shard x250 by killing Undead Raxgore x250 times at /join doomvaultb
To use pangs glitch in this room you need 2 account that can acces doomvaultb

The Third gear is the ARMOR (HARD):
1. Pauldron Relic x1:
    - Pauldron Fragment x15:
      - Pauldron Shard x225 by killing Ultra Akriloth x225 times at /join gravestrike
2. Breastplate Relic x1:
    - Breastplate Fragment x10
      -Breastplate Shard x100 by killing Carnax x100 times at /join aqlesson
3. Vambrace Relic x1:
    - Vambrace Fragment x15
      -Vambrace Shard x225 by killing Ultra Blood Titan x225 times at /join bloodtitan
4. Gauntlet Relic x1:
    - Gauntlet Fragment x25
      -Gauntlet Shard x125 by killing Ultra Alteon x125 times at /join alteonbattle
5. Greaves Relic x1:
    - Greaves Fragment x10
      -Greaves Shard x150 by killing Mutated Void Dragon x150 times at /join bosschallange

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