AQW Private Server List Working

AQW Private Server List Working - Today i want to share about Private Server List, and these servers is a non-using Hamachi, but before that i will tell you first what is Private Server.

AQW Private Server is a private server that is created by an organization or a team, and this organization might be buying AQW Artix Entertainment License which mean they pay some royalties in order to run the private server. So, yeah there is some private server in aqw and you can create a character and start to play on their server for free.
This is just my opinion though, because some of the private server sites have their disclaimer.

Then, why we as player even want to play the private server? And not just play on the official server? Because there are some of advantages and disadvantages of playing on private server, such as:


  1. More EXP
  2. More GOLD
  3. FREE ACs 
  4. More Drop Rate
  5. More Class
  6. More Feature
  7. And much more!
  1. The private server stored your aqw information that is registered on their website, so make sure that you don't use your aqw information that is registered on AQW Official Website (, just to anticipate.
  2. It is not the Official Server, so you will usually experience some lag due the lack of server maintenance, errors, or different region.
  3. Some private server have different style of In Game Graphics, so you have to explore the map all over again.
And it is also a nice reason to try the private server, because the official server has a low drop rate, hard to obtain items, long hard working hours, etc.
Then Private Server would be your ultimate solution!

AQW Private Server 2017
And the following is the Private Server List Non-HAMACHI:
  1. Augoeides Private Server : Augoeidas Link (NOT WORKING!!!)
  2. RedAQ Private Server : RedAQ Link (WORKING Tested 3/7/2020)
  3. Riseofvoid Private Server : RiseofVoid Link (NOT WORKING!!!)
  4. VoidRoot Private Server : VoidRoot Link (NOT WORKING!!!)
  5. WorldofHeroes Private Server : WorldofHeroes Link (NOT WORKING!!!)
  6. RedHero Private Server : RedHero Link (WORKING Tested 3/7/2020)
  7. OldWarrior Private Server : OldWarrior Link (NOT WORKING!!!)
  8. LoreofChaos Private Server : LoreofChaos Link (NOT WORKING!!!)
  9. FantasyofLore Private Server : FantasyofLore Link (NOT WORKING!!!)
  10. Skidson Mafia Private Server: Skidson Mafia Link (WORKING Tested 12/23/2020)
  11. SilverAQ Private Server: SilverAQW Link (WORKING Tested 12/23/2020)
  12. Laf Project Private Server: Laf Project Link (WORKING Tested 12/23/2020)
  13. SPLands Private Server: SPLands Link (WORKING Tested 12/23/2020)

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May 21, 2018 at 2:09 AM ×

Some really interesting points you have written.Assisted mee a lot,
just what I was searching for :D.

October 29, 2020 at 2:20 AM ×, it's been on for almost half years, and the team is pretty good.