How to Open J6 Armory

J6 Armory

This is a little walkthrough on how to open J6 Armory on /join hyperspace or by going to /join hyperium (locked map), if you wonder on how to get to this map you might want to check this out: How to go to hyperium map

So, this armory is containing some useful items that is needed from around the lore since J6 is a bounty hunter, and there also lots of chocolate on this armory shop!!

Let's get to it guys:

  1. First of all go to /join hyperspace or /join hyperium and go to clockwise thing.
  2. Click accordingly the number like on the picture. "Click the picture to zoom in"
    "Click accordingly with the clockwise: 2-3-5-7-11"
  3. Done. the armory will opened, and there will be a turrent that will greet you.
Yeah, it is simple :D

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