Le Bot AQW Bot Trainer Explanation

-except reported by players and banned by the authority-

Before i explain about Le Bot, we should know what is the advantage by using the tools on Le Bot.

  1. No need to open AQW from the website. (Desktop Program)
  2. Auto Farming.
  3. Load quest/shop anywhere. (Load Shop not all version of Le Bot/ some load shop are disabled)
  4. Faster Walking Speed.
  5. Auto Pick Dropped Item.
  6. Instant skip cutscene.
  7. Make your own Bot.
  8. If you experience lag, use the Lag Killer
  9. etc.

Of course you must already log in
So, let's go to on how to use the Le Bot on the Options menu.

A. Click menu Options on Le Bot menu.

The crossed feature is what i think is not that important.
Le Bot Important Features

1. Reject All Drops
This feature is used if you want to reject all the dropped item, but if you want to make exception or whitelist of certain item, then you could do it by ticking the "Reject All Drops" then it would appear "Do you want to edit the whitelist now?" then Choose "Yes".

Le Bot Whitelist

1. Clear
This feature is used to clear all the list on the Whitelist.

2. Remove
This feature is used to remove one of the item on the Whitelist.
How to do:
  • Pick one of the Item. Example : "Bone Dust"
  • Click Remove Option

3. Add
This Feature is used to add more item on the Whitelist.
How to do :
  • Type the name of the item that you want to put on the Whitelist under the "Add" Option. Example: "Diamond of Nulgath"
  • Click Add Option

2. Private rooms
This feature is used to automatically go to private rooms with a digit number of 5. This feature usually used to avoid others player that did not use Le Bot.
Do not tick this feature if you want to join public rooms when you do botting. This feature is synchronized with feature no. 10

3. Lag Killer
For you guys who has a low connectivity, don't be sad because this feature will helps you to reduce the lags.

4. Skip Cutscene
Are you feel bored to see the Cutscene that is filmed when you do/play AQW? Then this feature is the right one. Because when you tick this feature you can skip any cutscene on AQW.

Tick this feature when you are already finished loading, because from the game itself for now, there is already the Skip Cutscene feature on top left of the Game.

5. Generic Att bot
On a certain quest, you may feel bored because the item drop is relatively low, so you must attack the monster over and over. Then if you want to attack the monster without setting the skill of your class first then this feature is the right option.

Skill that is used is random.

6. Rest if HP is less than
When you already tick the "Generict Att bot" maybe, sometimes your character did not attack. This happen because the setting of "Rest if HP is less than" is greater that the HP of your character when battling the monster.
This feature is used to do "Rest" when your HP Character is less than the number of this feature.

7. Walkspeed
Do you feel exhausted when you need to click all over the map and waiting your character to move to the destined cursor? If so this feature is what you need! Because you can setting your character walkspeed into RUNNING!
If the number on the setting is too high, then your character will do /unsheath animation.

8. Load quest
This feature is what i think the most useful, because this feature could load any quest where ever your character are. Read this to search the Quest ID you are looking for: AQW Quest ID
Some quest are not turnable, and there are also some of trap quest, so be careful.

9. Get all drops
If you want automatically pick up the drops, then this is the right option for you.
If you have a low connection, do not tick this feature, because it could make you DC/ disconnected.
 10. Start [ name of farming bot ]
This feature is already made by the maker of Le Bot to make the user of Le Bot easier to auto farming.

The Second is the Bot Manager Menu, in this menu you could setting your own bot.

B. Click Bot Manager on Le Bot menu.

Example on How to Use Le Bot

As always the crossed one is what i think is not that important.

1. #Random
This feature is used to attack random monster, so any monster on the map will be attacked by your character.

2. Attack
Different from #Random option, this option is almost the same as previous option, but what differentiate it, is that you could attack certain monster with typing the name of the certain monster that you want to attack, For example: "Mana Golem". therefore your character will only attack Mana Golem monster

3. Join Room
This feature is used to join a certain room, for example: battleontown.

If you want to join private room, then put -99999 on the end of the name of the room, example: battleontown-99999
4. Move to Cell
If you want to go to a certain area on the map, then use this option.
How to use it is really simple, with clicking the "!" option then click "Move to Cell" option or type the Cell and Pad manually.
To see certain Coordinates you could see it here: AQW Coordinates

5. Get
This feature is the same as "Get All Drops" option on the Options menu, and what makes it different is that this feature could select certain item that you want to pick up by writing it on the textbox.
For example: "Bone Dust", then the item that will be picked up is only Bone Dust.

6. Sell
After select the item drop that will be picked up, you could also auto selling the dropped item, so after you got the drop, you also can sell the item automatically. For example: "Bone Dust", then the item that will be sold is "Bone Dust".

7. Move to
This feature is to place your character to a certain point, for example is on the picture, that character position is : 119 and 469, so the character will move to that point.

8. Add to Skill list
This feature is to adding skill on your botting.
If you put number 1, then the skill that will be used is "Fireball", if number 2 then the skill that will be used is "Ice Shard", etc.

9. Rest 
This feature is used to do Rest on your bot setting.

10. Add to Quest list
This feature is used to add Quest on your bot setting
For example : "2857 = 'Supplies to Spin The Wheel of Chance', then it will do the quest on your botting.

11. Delay
This feature is used to add Delay on your botting.
It is usually used to turning in the quest, when is used on crowded place.

12. Load
This feature is used to Load the setting of bot that has been already saved.

13. Save
This feature is to save your bot setting after you use Le Bot.

14. Remove
This feature is to select one of the setting on the Bot Manager to remove from the setting.

15. Clear
This feature is used to remove all the setting on the Bot Manager.

16. Enable
This feature is the most important, because if this option is not there then you will not able to run the bot. :v, so to run the bot, you will only to tick this option.

C. Contact Me!
If you want to ask to the maker of Le Bot, you could use this feature and use your own email and type what you want to ask and then send it.

Interested to use Le Bot?

Click this to Download it: Le Bot
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sama sama , makasih sudah mengunjungi blog ini gan.

July 20, 2019 at 1:54 AM ×

how to use the newlebot in aq

March 20, 2021 at 9:15 PM ×

Is this bot still safe ??

October 28, 2021 at 1:46 AM ×

There is a link to download on bottom of the page, however Le Bot is broken right now