Le Bot 8.4 AQW Bot Trainer

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Le Bot 8.4 on AQW

Le Bot 8.4 AQW Bot Trainer - This trainer allows you to play AQW with a lot of features that mostly gives you access to let your character play automatically. Beside that the noticeable features that given by the trainer is that you can load any quest that you want to load and several shop that you can access. So you can open the quest anytime and anywhere you want. 
To make it more safe when you play AQW with this trainer, it is recommended to play on a map that is private, for example /join battleon-9999.
Overall, the option that is given by this Trainer is that it gives you to automatically farm and loads some quests. To know more about Le Bot please check this article: About Le Bot

1. Download: Le Bot 8.4

If you still cannot open the trainer please install/update your flashplayer or dotNet by downloading here:

1. Download Flashplayer: Adobe Flashplayer or by downloading it on Adobe Flashplayer (Official)
2. Download dotNet: dotNet

1. Make sure to turn off AdBlock first
. Thanks to JamesRo from MPGH.net for creating the trainer


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