Blinding Light of Destiny Guide

Blinding Light of Destiny
Updated As of 6/13/2020

Blinding Light of Destiny Axe

Blinding Light of Destiny Guide - If you are a veteran of Artix Entertainment Gamer, you will know about the sacred weapon BLoD.
BLoD is an axe that is carried by the Moderator called Artix, it is concept is that this weapon is the ultimate destruction to defeat the undead army, and it is proof is that it does 75% more damage against undead on AQW and it is required to accept:
1.) "Build Drakath's Armor" Quest. "one of the hardest item to obtain in game on /join confrontation"
2.) "Upgrade the Blinding Light" Quest. "to polish the BLoD to make it more shiny from Cysero's Quest on /join battleontown"
3. "Sacrifice (BLoD Version)" Quest. "to get Void Light of Destiny and Cyber Void Light of Destiny from Oblivion's Quest on /join tercessuinotlim".

How to get Blinding Light of Destiny:

The quest start on /join necropolis from Artix's Quest
  1. Complete "Reforging the Blinding Light" Quest:
    - Buy "Blinding Light of Destiny Handle" from ???'s Shop on /join vordredboss , or
    - Kill 100 Undeads to get "Reinforced" badge on /join doomwood on Screen 4 where the undead keep coming to attack you and purchase "Blinding Light of Destiny Handle" from Arryd's DoomWood Challenge Shop.
  2. Complete "Secret Order of Undead Slayers" Quest:
    Kill 100 Undeads  to get "Reinforced" badge on /join doomwood on Screen 4 where the undead keep coming to attack you and purchase "Bonegrinder Medal" from Arryd's DoomWood Challenge Shop.
  3. Do "Essential Essences" Quest":
    Turn in Undead Essence x25, "kill the skeletons on /join battleunderb"
  4. Do "Bust some Dust" Quest:
    Turn in Bone Dust x40, "kill the skeletons on /join battleunderb"
  5. Do "A Loyal Follower" Quest:
    Repeat "Essential Essences" Quest and "Bust some Dust" Quest to get Spirit Orb (Misc) x100 and Kill Ephemerite on /join timevoid
  6. Do "Mine Crafting" Quest: "Daily Quest"
    "I Recommend to get the Broadsword, that means you need the Gold Material from this quest"
    Get the Materials on /join stalagbite by killing Balboa (Monster)
  7. Do "Glorious Gold Enhancement" Quest:
    - Undead Energy x25: from the skeletons on /join battleunderb
    - Gold: from Mine Crafting Quest
    - Spirit Orb (Misc) x5: from Essential Essences and Bust some Dust Quest
    - Paladaffodil x25: from Seed Spirit on /join arcangrove
  8. Now the real journey begin, Do "Glorious Gold of Destiny" Quest:
    > Merge Glorious Gold of Destiny and Forge Key "drop from Albino Bat on /join dwarfhold" on Geopetal's Merge Shop on /join dwarfhold

    You need to get Glorious Gold of Destiny by merging:
    - Bright Aura x2: Loyal Spirit Orb x100: Spirit Orb x10000: Undead Energy x500,000
    - Loyal Spirit Orb x5: Spirit Orb x500: Undead Energy x25,000
    " A Total of Undead Energy x525,000 but you can also get Spirit Orb from Bust some Dust Quest and merge on Artix's merge shop"
    - Glorious Gold x1: from Glorious Gold Enhancement Quest
  9. Do "Basic Weapon Kit Construction" Quest:
    - Zardman's StoneHammer x1: Kill Zardman Grunt on /join forest
    - Triple Ply Mummy Wrap x7: Kill Mummy (Monster) on /join pyramid
    - Noob Blade Oil x1: Kill Horc Noob on /join noobshire
    - Bronze Brush x1: Kill Bronze Draconian on /join lair
    - Rocky Stone Sharpener x1: Kill Rock on /join bloodtusk
    - Golden Lacquer Finish x1: Kill Goolden Scarab (Monster) on /join pyramid
    - Burlap Cloth x1: Kill Scarecrow on /join farm
  10. Do "Advanced Weapon Kit Construction" Quest:
    - WolfClaw Hammer x1: Kill Chaos Lycan on/join safiria
    - Superior Blade Oil x1: Kill Dai Tengu on /join hachiko
    - Leatherrwing Hide x10: Kill Leatherwing on /join guru
    - Silver Brush x1: Kill Chaos Vampire Knight on /join lycan
    - Brass Awl x1: Kill Cyclops raider on /join mobius
    - Slate Stone Sharpener x1: Kill Lich Of The Stone (Monster) on /join darkoviaforest
    - Shining Lacquer Finish x1: Kill Lightning Ball on /join airstorm
    - Leather Case x1: Kill Tomb Robber on /join sandport
  11. Do "Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction" Quest:
    "Repeat this quest to help you to make the Broadsword in the next quest"

    - Great Ornate Warhammer x1: Kill Earth Elemental on /join gilead
    - No. 1337 Blade Oil x1: Kill Kitsune on /join kitsune
    - Greenguard Dragon Hide x3: Kill Greenguard Dragon on /join greendragon
    - Gold Brush x1: Kill Chaos Sphinx (Monster) on /join sandcastle
    - Sharp Stone Sharpener x1: Kill Rock Roc on /join roc
    - Blinding Lacquer Finish x1: Kill Grand Inquisitor (Monster) on /join citadel
    - Non- abrasive Power Poweder x1: Kill ProtoSartorium (Monster) on /join crashsite
    - Suede Travel Case x1: Kill Harpy on /join djinn
  12. Create Blinding Broadsword of Destiny. However, before you create the broadsword, you need to create the previous form:
    1.) Broadsword of Destiny:
    - Basic Weapon Kit x1: from Basic Weapon Kit Construction Quest
    - Glorious Gold of Destiny x1: from Glorious Gold of Destiny Quest
    - Spirit Orb (Misc) x20: Repeat Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction Quest
    - Loyal Spirit Orb x1: Repeat Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction Quest
    - Brilliant Aura x1: Repeat Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction Quest

    2.) Bright Broadsword of Destiny:
    - Broadsword of Destiny x1
    - Advanced Weapon Kit x1: from Advanced Weapon Kit Construction Quest
    - Bright Aura x1: Repeat Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction Quest
    - Undead Energy x25: Kill the skeletons on /join battleunderb

    3.) and last the Blinding Broadsword of Destiny:
    - Bright Broadsword of Destiny x1
    - Ultimate Weapon Kit x1: from Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction Quest

    Farm the requirements from "Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction" Quest and merge on Light merge shop at /join necropolis and merge the Blinding Broadsword of Destiny. "Keep in mind that Spirit Orbs only stacked up to 65000"
  13. Find the left over required fragments using "Finding Fragments with Blinding Broadsword" Quest after you got your Blinding Broadsword of Destiny and hope that "Blinding Aura" will drop for you.

    The reason why you need to make Broadsword first is because you can create another Blinding Weapons later to get another fragment, because it will gives you easy Bright Aura and Spirit Orb.

    The following is the Blinding Weapons for respective fragments:
    1. Get Barium for Blinding Blade or Aluminium for Blinding Dagger for Loyal Spirit Orb
    2. Get Copper for Blinding Mace for Brilliant Aura
  14. Complete "The Blinding Light of Destiny" to get "Get Your Blinding Light of Destiny" and use "Finding Fragments with Blinding Broadsword" Quest to fill the material requirements:
    - Bright Aura x125
    - Brilliant Aura x75
    - Blinding Aura x1
    - Spirit Orb x500
    - Loyal Spirit Orb x250
    - Ultimate Weapon Kit x1
  15. Get your Blinding Light of Destiny from Book of Lore!

Good Luck, Cheers!

If you want another version of Blinding Light of Destiny, you can check this out to get various different version of BloD (non-mem):
1.) Ascended Light of Destiny: Complete "Ascended Drakath Gear" from Chaorrupted Time-Travel Fairy's Quest on /join mountdoomskull
2.) Dual Blinding Light of Destiny: Complete Nostalgia Quest
3.) Polished Blinding Light of Destiny: Complete "Upgrade the Blinding Light of Destiny" from Cysero's Quest on /join battleontown
4.) Blinding Edge of Obsidian: Buy from Mysterious Dungeon Rep Shop on /join darkthronehub
5.) Blinding Light of Dread Space: Complete "Space 'Dragon' Ballz" Quest on /join dreadspace
6.) Blackhole Light of Dread Space: Get it from Dreadspace Replicator on /join dreadspace
7.) Chaorrupted Light of Destiny: Kill Chaos Artix on /join chaoslab
8.) ShadowReaper of Doom: Get it from Mirror Realm Merge on /join battleoff
9.) Pink Reaper of Doom: Get it from Artist Showcase: Beleen on /join vendoorbooths
10.) Void Light of Destiny: Complete either "Sacrifice (ALoD Version)" or "Sacrifice (BLoD Version) from Oblivion's Quest on /join tercessuinotlim
11.) Cyber Void Light of Destiny: Complete "Cyber Void Paladin Set" from Oblivion's Quest on /join tercessuinotlim

As for the armor, if you are a member and you want to make your character to look more like Artix, then you can just purchase the armor/ class "Paladin" Artix's Shop on /join necropolis.

Or you can check these armor/ class that resembles Artix armor (non-mem):
1.) Stone Paladin Armor: Buy from Stone Paladin Armor Shop on /join temple
2.) Galactic Paladin Commander: Buy from Starship Paladin Shop on /join dreadspace
3.) Chaorrupted Artix & Beleen: Get it from Chaos Lab Merge Shop on /join chaoslab
4.) Paladin Recruit: Kill Skeletal Subjugator on /join doompally
5.) ArchPaladin Armor/ Class: Buy from Arch Paladin Shop on /join darkthronehub
6.) Obsidian ArchPaladin Armor: Buy from Myesterious Dungeon Rep Shop on /join darkthronehub
7.) PUNisher: Kill Ubear (Monster) on /join limft
8.) SCUBA Paladin: Buy from Ninja Warrior (Shop) on /join akiba
9.) OverSoul Paladin: Get it from Diamond Shop on /join evilwarnul
10.) Void Paladin: Complete "Deeper and Deeper into Darkness" from Oblivion's Quest on /join tercessuinotlim
11.) Cyber Void Paladin: Complete "Cyber Void Paladin Set" from Oblivion's Quest on /join tercessuinotlim
12.) Blood Paladin: Kill Lascivia on /join lust

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September 9, 2018 at 12:41 AM ×

Do I need to finish any of the destiny quest to unlock basic weapon kit construction?

October 6, 2020 at 7:42 PM ×

hey bro how to unlock reforging blinding lights quest ? i just have essential essences-bust some dust-a loyal follower quest no more just it

October 9, 2020 at 1:07 AM ×

how many % drop for Blinding Aura???

October 9, 2020 at 7:12 AM ×

hello vinoblog, the quest should have been unlocked from the start as it is one of the requirements to proceed to the next step to create the weapon BloD, it seems your account have an issue/ problem, you might want to report it to artix support through this link:

October 9, 2020 at 7:28 AM ×

it is probably 1% drop rate. If your luck is so bad, you probably want to consider creating the Blinding Scythe of Destiny to get the Blinding Aura as it gives you 100% drop rate from "Finding Fragments with Blinding Scythe" Quest.

January 15, 2021 at 6:32 PM ×

Hello sir, I think you give the wrong information about getting the "Great Omate warhammer". It is from Earth elemental at /join earthstorm not gilead. Please check it. Thanks

January 25, 2021 at 8:35 PM ×

You can get the hammer from /join earthstorm, /join gilead, or /join dragonplane . It is up to you which place you want to get it. But i prefer /join gilead. so that's what it is.

August 22, 2021 at 2:21 AM ×

Thank you for this guide!

December 16, 2021 at 10:02 AM ×

I would recommend people to go for mace first as this is the fastest way, then scythe since Bright/Blight Aura is 100% drop rate.