(How to Get) Blinding Light of Destiny Guide

Blinding Light of Destiny

Hello everybody, if you are a very long time Artix Entertainment Gamer, you will know about the sacred weapon BLoD.
BLoD is an axe that is carried by the Moderator called Artix, it is concept is that this weapon is the ultimate desctruction to defeat the undead army, and it is proof is that it does 51% more damage against undead on AQW and it is required to accept "Build Drakath's Armor" Quest.

So this is how you need to do to get BLoD:

  1. Complete "Reforging the Blinding Light" Quest.
  2. Complete "Secret Order of Undead Slayers" Quest.
  3. Do "Essential Essences" Quest.
  4. Do "Bust some Dust" Quest.
  5. Do "A Loyal Follower" Quest.
  6. Do "Mine Crafting" Quest. "I Recommend to get the Broadsword, that means you need the Gold Material from this quest"
  7. Do "Glorious Gold Enhancement" Quest.
  8. Do "Glorious Gold of Destiny" Quest.
  9. Do "Basic Weapon Kit Construction" Quest.
  10. Do "Advanced Weapon Kit Construction" Quest.
  11. Do "Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction" Quest.
  12. The journey begins here. Farm Spirit Orbs x140620 from "Essential Essences", "Bust some Dust", and merge Undead Energy from Light merge shop.  "Keep in mind that Spirit Orbs only stacked up to 65000". and merge the Broadsword if already farmed up.
  13. Find the required fragments using "Finding Fragments with Blinding Broadsword" Quest.
  14. Use " Ultimate Weapon Kit Construction" Quest, to complete some missing fragments for the "Blinding Light of Destiny" Quest.
If you are using Worked AQW Glitch!!! you will get the BLoD under 1 week. 

Note: I hope that this guide will help you a little bit.

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