Best Gold Farming Point AQW

Updated As of 6/13/2020

Gold AQW

The following article will gives you the most easiest and the most efficient farming gold on AQW:

1. Always activate gold boost
2. Always use gold booster equipment

1. (NERFED! , because it changed into 5000 gold per turn in, but don't worry there's still available a best place to farm gold)
In this farming point you will only need to kill 1 monster to get a pile of gold with addition of gold multiplier and equipment booster. So it is highly recommended to do this farm when weekends because at weekends there will be gold multiplier from the server.

The gold come from a quest called as "Challenge SN.O.W.".
And it gives you 50000 gold and 5000 xp each quest turned in.

So let's get to it, and on how we do it:
  1. First of all, of course you need to complete all of the main story quest on the /join extinction map
  2. If you already complete all the quest, Click the "Challenge" Button from "Katnip Sneevilgreen"
  3. Then Click "SN.O.W. Cyborg Challenge"
  4. Accept the "Challenge SN.O.W." Quest from Meeta
  5. Equip your equipment that gives more percentage for gold and use Gold Booster
  6. Kill "SN.O.W. Challenge" monster 
  7. Repeat until you satisfied or reach the maximum capacity of the gold on AQW.
  8. Happy farming :)
2. Battlegrounde (Best) "might be best for xp as well"
Accept "Level 46 - 60" Quest and "Level 61 - 75" Quest on /join battlegrounde and each total turn in gives 17000 Gold and 17000 Xp without boost by killing 10 monster on this location.

3. Voucher of Nulgath
Selling Voucher of Nulgath by doing the "Nulgath (Larvae)" Quest that gives you 100,000 Gold  and 13,000 Xp each turn in without boost.
- If you are a member and you want to dispose Unidentified 13, you might want to do "The Leery Contract" Quest for 100,000 Gold and 5000 Xp without  boost with additional killing the Undead Legend (Monster) on /join underworld for Nulgath Rune 1 x1

4. Fire War Turn in's
Go to /join firewar and kill Fire Dragon and Fire Drakel on this location as it gives lots of Fire Dragon Scales around 20+~ for each skill and after you collect enough Fire Dragon Scale with bonus Fire Dragon Heart, simply complete "Fire Dragon Scales" Quest for 500 Gold and 500 Xp and "Fire Dragon Hearts" Quest for 500 Gold and 500 Xp without boost.

5. Vorpal Bunny's Quest
"you need to load the quest" Do "Bunny Berzerker Armor -Were Egg" Quest and sell the armor for 6,250 gold each. it is simple as that.
To see the quest id, see it on this: AQW Quest ID

6. Black Knight Items
Simply kill Black Knight (Monster) on /join greenguardwest and sell these items:
- Axe of the Black Knight (
- Blade of Corruption (
- Blade of the Dead (
- Blade of the Wicked (
- Cruel Axe of Midnight (
- Cruel Staff of the Fallen (
- SoulBiter (
- Staff of the Fallen (1) (

Kill the Chest on /join luckdragon map.
It is very easy to get gold from here because you can sell the item ranged from 25 - 250,000 each.
so these are the items:
  1. Small Bag of Gold: sell for 25 gold each
  2. Bag of Gold: sell for 250 gold each
  3. Heavy Bag of Gold: sell for 2500 gold each
  4. BIG Bag of Gold: sell for 12,500 gold each (10 maximum stacks)
  5. BIGGER Bag of Gold: sell for 25,000 gold each (5 maximum stacks)
  6. BIGGEST Bag of Gold: sell for 250,000 gold each (only 1 maximum stack)
So as you see, i recommend you guys only to stack the BIG, BIGGER, and BIGGEST Bag of Gold since i think it is the most efficient to farm and less inventory consuming.

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