Original Drakath Armor Ultimate Guide

Original Drakath Armor
Updated As of 6/13/2020

Original Drakath Armor

Original Drakath Armor Ultimate Guide - Do you ever wondering to be the Chaos Ruler of the lore?, then you must obtain this armor to look like Drakath!

If you ever want to look like Drakath there must be a price to do it right?, so these are the requirement to obtain Original Drakath Armor:
To acces this quest /join confrontation or search the quest id by the name of "Build Drakath's Armor" You might want to check this out: Latest and Updated AQW Quest ID
  1. Blade of Awe x1: Check this out: How to Get Blade of Awe
  2. Blinding Light of Destiny: Check this out: How to Get Blinding Light of Destiny
  3. Unidentified 13 x3: Get this by doing "The Assistant" Quest, "Nulgath" Quest, or "Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance" Quest
    "you might want to check this out: Best way to farm Nulgath Reagents"
  4. Dage's Scroll Fragment x13: Do "Embrace your Chaos (Daily)" Quest on /join mountdoomskull
  5. Le Chocolat x1: Buy this on J6 Armory, and check how to open it here: How to Open J6 Armory
  6. Treasure Chest x100: Get this by killing any monsters around the lore
  7. Face of Chaos x1: Fight "Champion of Chaos" on /join ultradrakath with 20% droprate

After you turn in the quest, you will get the Armor and also Drakath's Epic Armor Character Page Badge.

To make your character to look even more like Drakath, you might want to check this out:
1.) Face of Chaos: Kill Champion of Chaos on /join ultradrakath with 20% drop rate
2.) Ascended Face of Chaos "bonus 5% to chaos monster": Complete "Ascended Drakath Gear" Quest
3.) Drakath Mask: Kill Drakath on /join chaosbattle or /join dragonbattle or /join finalbattle or vordredbattle with 1%d drop rate
4.) Drakath Wings: Kill Drakath or Champion of Chaos with 1% drop rate on /join ultradrakath or /join finalbattle
5.) Blade of Chaos: Kill Champion of Chaos on /join ultradrakath
6.) Drakath's Sword: Kill Champion of Chaos on /join ultradrakath with 1% drop rate 

"On the quest description is it said that if you already have all the requirements, before turning the quest it is recommended to clear the cache and re-login AQW to make it more secured, because this is the hardest quest that is on AQW- said by Artix Entertainment, so it is a shame if you turn in the quest and the item did not drop ".

Good luck, Cheers!

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Brynn Bryann
April 19, 2019 at 6:13 AM ×

Why the quest is still in red? I have the BLOD and blade of awe already and other requirements.

Congrats bro Brynn Bryann you got First Comment!