Free Hollowborn Challenge AC Tagged Items

Free Hollowborn Challenge
Updated As of 6/26/2020

If you like collecting AC Tagged Items, then these are some items that you must have to collect as the color of the item can be customized to your preference!. To get these awesome weapons, you only need to kill Shadow Rider on /join hbchallenge. This location is also added through /join shadowrealm as a portal towards hollowborn challenge, or you could just type the location of the map with /join hbchallenge.

> The Axe is named as "Hollowborn Executioner's Axe" with a 5% drop rate chance from Shadow Rider.
> For the Sword and Axe named as "Hollowborn's Executioner's Bite + Axe".

Personally i think it is kind of weird that the axe to shrink, because it would be even more epic if the Axe is in it's original size. 

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To get the sword and axe you need to merge:
  1. Hollowborn Executioner's Axe
  2. Hollowborn Executioner's Bite: "as for the sword you will need these requirements"
    "get the required material from 'Double Crossed' Quest that also drops from Shadow Rider while you grind the axe"

    - Hollowborn Spirit x40
    - Hollowborn Spite x50
    - 100,000 Gold 
  3. 100,000 Gold
Merge 'em on hollowborn merge shop at /join hbchallenge. For a side note, after merging the sword and axe, you can get back your "Hollowborn Executioner's Axe" for free on with Buyback Item Option, so you do not need to farm the axe again.

There's also other AC Tagged Item that you can get from /join hbchallenge:

  1. Hollowborn Thunderlord Bow (Weapon): Get it by killing Hollowborn Tamer (Monster)

BONUS Free Pet AC Tagged Item
only available until July 9th, 2020

Kron, The Queen's Herald

Get this adorable pet on /join ariapet for free! Grab yours now! 

Happy Collecting!, Cheers!

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