AQW Quibble Hunt

Quibble Hunt!

This is one of the unique release if i would say, because the end map of this map was to kill a Dricken!, meanwhile you can get the Dricken itself if you are lucky enough to get the Dricken Egg, and you can merge it on the Quibble Shop on this map and make it your pet, and you can join the map by typing /join quibblehunt map.

But don't let your hope down because there is a also a new farmable Nulgath's gear which is the "Void Monk of Nulgath" Armor!, to farm this Nulgath Gear, you will only need to get Void Voucher from the monsters on this map, and i recommend you to farm it from Void Larva until you reach Void Voucher x500. Then after you farm enough Void Voucher you can make the Void Monk of Nulgath yours. 
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