Grimoire 3.3 Commanding Shadow Essences Bot

This bot let you automatically do the "Commanding Shadow Essences" Quest.
This bot do the following steps:

  1. Join shadowrealm map
  2. Kills the shadow monster to get Empowered Essence until farmed x50
  3. After Empowered Essence farmed x50 it will teleport to Shadow Lord to get Malignant Essence x3.
  4. After that the quest will be completed and Void Aura automatically accepted and it will start all over again until stopped.
  5. Enjoy!
1. You must have Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor in your inventory to Accept the "Commanding Shadow Essences" Quest.
2. It uses Shaman Skills, you can change this later on (i recommend to use class that could solo boss and have aoe skills)
3. Auto Accept Empowered Essence, Malignant Essence, and Void Aura, other than that Rejected.

To use this bot:
  1. Download this bot here: Download Grimoire Commanding Shadow Essences.
  2. Login your account from Grimoire.
  3. Click "Grimoire" option on bottom left.
  4. Click "Bot" Option.
  5. Click "Misc" Option.
  6. Click "Load bot" and open the downloaded bot file.
  7. Enable the Bot, Enjoy!

Comment on below, if you have any error or want to request any bot. 

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