AQW Oracle Class

Updated As of 6/15/2020


For a beginner who just play AQW, this is one of the best class to play with, since it only cost you for 0 AC! and it is also an AC TAGGED ITEM!, so it is also cost you 0 bank inventory space!, and it is a good class for soloing big bossess!.

To get the class you only need to click the Class Shop from Game Menu.

Or get AQW Oracle Class you can get it from the Book of Lore by following this steps to open the shop:
1. Click this "Book of Lore" icon in your in game main bar.

2. After that Click this "Lorepedia" option.

3. Then Click the "Get more Classes!" Option. And you will be directed to the Class Shop!

4. After that find the Oracle Class, and you can get it for free!

For the enhancement itself i would like you to use:

Good Luck, Cheers!

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July 12, 2021 at 8:20 PM ×

and i think it can be bought at class shop at battleon/menu with the same amount of price

Congrats bro James William you got First Comment!