Grimoire 3.3 Legion Token Legion Exercise Number 1 Bot

This bot let you automatically do the "Legion Exercise Number 1" Quest.

This bot do the following steps:
  1. Join lair then accepts quest and kills dragons for the dragons heart.
  2. Join dwarfhold to get the rest of dragons heart.
  3. Meanwhile farming the dragons heart, it will also automatically accept the Flawless Dracohorn.
  4. When the Flawless Dracohorn is not sufficient to complete the quest, it will go to lair map to get the rest Flawless Dracohorn.
  5. Complete the quest, and auto accept Legion Token, Undead Champion Blade (if drop), Legendary Golden Death Blade (if drop).
  6. It will loop again until you stop the bot.
  7. Enjoy!
1. You must have at least 5 free inventory space.
2. Auto accept Legion Token, Undead Champion Blade, Legendary Golden Death Blade. Flawless Dracohorn.
3. It uses Shaman Skills, you can change it later on, and i recommend you to use class that can use aoe skills.
4. To access the quest or use this bot, you must have Undead Champion Armor.

To use this bot:

  1. Download this bot here: Download Grimoire Legion Token Legion Exercise Number 1 Bot.
  2. Login your account from Grimoire.
  3. Click "Grimoire" option on bottom left.
  4. Click "Bot" Option.
  5. Click "Misc" Option.
  6. Click "Load bot" and open the downloaded bot file.
  7. Enable the Bot, Enjoy!

Comment on below, if you have any error or want to request any bot. 
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