Grimoire Essence of Nulgath Bot

This bot help you farming those Totem of Nulgath and also Gem of Nulgath, just to remind this bot is for farming infinite Essence of Nulgath.

How this bot works is basically:

1. Join to citadel then tercessuinotlim
2. Kills 40x Makais (Hope that essence of nulgath dropped here with 10% drop rate)
3. Teleport to The Twins to do the bank bug and get the Essence of Nulgath and it will redo all over again.

1. If you already have Essence of Nulgath in your Inventory, just put it into the Bank first
2. Make sure to tick the Infinite Skill Range and Enemy Magnet
3. The Skill is using Shaman Class which only use skill 1 and 2 (you can easily change this)

Download the Bots Script here: Essence of Nulgath Bot

If you do not have Grimoire yet, you can download it here: Download Grimoire 3.3
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May 5, 2018 at 1:43 PM ×

Hey I have been wanting to download your scripts but the dropbox has used its trafficing thing and doing the 429 error!