AQW Legion Vampire

AQW Legion Vampire
Updated As of 6/26/2020


This is really a late post, but i just want to remind you for Dage Follower that you might be still have a chance to get Legion Vampire Armor, so the question is How to get it?

Well i think the only way is to wait for another shop, such as: Dage Birthday, another Dage War, or Shops, since the Armors are already Rare.
Dage's Birtday is "2nd March"

Eventhough the model of the Legion Vampire Armor may be different from the original one, and it might be cost with ACs or Legion Token or Merging Materials and Gold.

Basically this armor is cool for you who want to make the character to look badass as a Legion Army!, and it also gives you 10% more bonus reputation for each quest turned in!.

If you still want this armor, there is an alternative version that is created by Lae, that is created "Hollowborn Vampire" Armor, however it is not AC Tagged Item, but it is still looks badass.
To get the armor, you will only need to merge the following items from shadow realm merge shop on /join shadowrealm:

  1. Requires Rank 6 Hollowborn
  2. Hollow Soul x80: Get this by killing Hollowborn Sentinel or from Kasebel's Quest on /join shadowrealm
  3. 50,000 Gold

Good Luck, Cheers!

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