AQW Scarlet Sorceress Class

Scarlet Sorceress Class
Updated As of 6/26/2020


This class is good for newbie since it is really easy to get.
The good thing about this class is that you will get lifesteal depends on how low your hp and it procs each time you hit the enemy, so it means that if your hp is low then the greater the lifesteal will be. And the skills will also enhance your ability to do lifesteal, damage, etc!

No matter what your in-game character is, your character will looks female!

There is 2 way to get this class:

  1. Spend 2000 ACs on Class Shop from Game Menu, Or
  2. Complete "Blood Sorceress to Scarlet Sorceress" Quest on /join towerofmirrors
    "the starting quest is on /join hedgemaze"
There is a low version of Scarlet Sorceress Class, which is the Blood Sorceress Class that you can get by killing Scarletta on /join towerofmirrors. The drop rate is not that low, so i think that you will get it fast enough, and of course if there is a way to get it free, why not? And it is also a AC TAGGED ITEM Class, so you can store it to your bank for free slots.

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Good Luck, Cheers!

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