Grimoire 3.3 Legion Token Legion Loyalty Rewarded Bot

This bot let you automatically do the "Legion Loyalty Rewarded" Quest.

This bot do the following steps:
  1. Join citadel and accepts quest then join to tercessuinotlim through the portal.
  2. Kill dark makais to get Defeated Makai and auto accept Defeated Makai x25.
  3. Join aqlesson to get Carnax Eye.
  4. Join deepchaos to get Kathool Tentacle.
  5. Join lair to get Red Dragon's Fang.
  6. Join dflesson to get Fluffy's Bones.
  7. Join bloodtitan to get Blood Titan's Blade.
  8. Complete the quest and automatically accept Legion Token, and Diamond Token of Dage.
  9. And it will loop until you stop the bot.
  10. Enjoy!
1. You must have at least 5 free inventory space.
2. Auto accept Legion Token, Diamond Token of Dage, Defeated Makai, (Essence of Nulgath is not included). 
3. It uses Scarlet Sorceress Skills, you can change it later on, and i recommend you to use class that can solo bosses.
4. To access the quest or use this bot, you must have Legion Round 4 Medal, and Legion Token x50, and Completed "Dage Likes Your Style" Quest.

To use this bot:

  1. Download this bot here: Download Grimoire Legion Token Legion Loyalty Rewarded Bot.
  2. Login your account from Grimoire.
  3. Click "Grimoire" option on bottom left.
  4. Click "Bot" Option.
  5. Click "Misc" Option.
  6. Click "Load bot" and open the downloaded bot file.
  7. Enable the Bot, Enjoy!

Comment on below, if you have any error or want to request any bot. 
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