AQW Necromancer Class

AQW Necromancer Class
Updated As of 6/15/2020


This class is one of the class that makes your pet battle for you, but keep in mind that "only" battle pet that is allowed to do the combat animation, if you do not have any battle pet, then this class will give you a skeleton to aid you in battle!

Necromancer class also a class that is one of the best class to solo a boss with high hp! by only using one skill which is using "Weaken" skill.
If i am not mistaken this was the first class that is released for non-member to solo a high hp boss

Necromancer class can be bought by ACs for 2000acs, or you can just merge it for free but it would consume you time.

By merging, this class require 3 items, which is:

  1. NUE Necronomicon x1
  2. Creature Shard x1
  3. 50,000 Gold
1. To get NUE Necronomicon x1 you need Rank 10 Doomwood and can be bought on lightguard reputation shop, and the best way to boost up your doomwood faction is by doing the quest called "Doom OverLord Challenge" on /join necrodungeon map that gives you +2500 reputation doomwood each turn in for non-member, and +5000 reputation doomwood for member.
Or you can do the following quest but it has a lot of cutscenes: /join doomundead and repeat "De(ad)ception" Quest by killing Light Knight x5 and reaching the keep or the end of doomundead map, each turn in gives +800 Rep: DoomWood.
Or you can grind Doomwood Reputation with farming Spirit Orbs with these quest on /join necropolis: Repeating "Essential Essence" Quest by turning in Undead Essence x25 and "Bust some Dust" Quest by turning in Bone Dust x40 on /join battleunderb, both quest gives +750 Rep: Doomwood.

2. To get Creature Shard x1, you will only need to kill Creature Creation on /join maul map until it drops, and it confirmed to be 5% drop rate.

3. To get the Gold you can farm it up along with the storyline quest.

And to acces the merge shop, you must complete eyeCOM's quest, and Necro Tower Elevator on /join necrotower map.
To complete eyeCOM's quest, basically you must finish the doomwood storyline that begin's from "Arryd's" Quest in /join doomwood map, but before acces Arryd's Quest, you must complete any quest from Axe, Brute, De'gree or Lady Speedstyk at /join lightguard map.

Then, the following will be the steps to complete eyeCOM's quest, and Necro Tower Elevator:

  1. First, /join lightguard map and i recommend just to finish Brute's Quest which is "A Brutal Mistake", since it's the easiest and fastest. On this quest you need to click the statues all over the ligthguard map, and then /join doomwood map to get the last requirement item, (any undead monster is ok to kill, but only on doomwood).

  2. After that, Arryd's Quest will be unlocked and you can start the adventure!.
  3. "Bony Battalion" Quest.
    Kill Doomwood Ectomancer x3,
    Kill Doomwood Bonemuncher x4,
    Kill Doomwood Soldier x4.
  4. "Warrior Rez-queue" Quest.
    Click 5 Golden Warrior's all over doomwood map
  5. "Bone-tired Backup" Quest.
    Kill the undead monster on this screen.
  6. "Reconnaissance Route" Quest.
    Go to, where "Undead Paladin" monster located on doomwood.
  7. "Fight Against Shadowed Light" Quest.
    Kill Undead Paladin on doomwood
  8. "Camouflage: Skelly-Style" Quest
    Kill Doomwood Bonemuncher x15
    Kill Doomwood Ectomancer x10
    Kill Doomwood Soldier x10
  9. "De(ad)ception" Quest.
    you will redirected to /join doomundead map, or just join to that map to complete the quest and, Kill Light Knight x5 and go to lightguard through doomundead map.
  10. After you finish the "De(ad)ception" Quest, you will redirected to /join lightguard map and, you need to talk to Vayle near the green portal, and click "Stop Artix" Cutscene.
  11. Then you will be redirected to /join maul map, and complete the quests on this map.
  12. "Zorbak's Hideout" Quest.
    Just go to the right of the map until you reach Zorbak's Hideout Hut.
  13. If you completed "Zorbak's Hideout" Quest, then you will need to complete all the quest from Zomboda's Quest.
  14. "Stink-tuary" Quest.
    Click the arrows all over the map
  15. "The Infected" Quest.
    Kill Slimeskull x6
    Kill Personal Chopper x2
  16. "Chopping Spree" Quest.
    Kill Personal Chopper, Slimeskull, Shellton to get Body Part Donation x10
    Click the arrows near Zomboda
  17. "GraveStop the Creature" Quest.
    Kill Creature Creation x1
  18. And then you will be redirected to /join necrotower map, if not just join the map
  19. Voila!, you already reach eyeCOM's Quest, and you will only need to complete all of its quest and complete the mini game on this map!
  20. "ID What You Did There"
    Kill DoomWood Treant x5
    Kill Slimeskull x5
  21. "The Ego and the ID" Quest.
    Kill DoomWood Soldier x2 for the required quest material.
  22. "An IDeal Seal" Quest.
    Kill DoomWood Bonemuncher x1
  23. "Need For Speed (Reading)!" Quest.
    Click all the books scattered inside the necro tower.
  24. Completed all eyeCOM's quest.
Necro Tower Elevator Minigame Walkthrough

1. Level , just follow the red line.

    2. Level 2, Put the first skeleton on the red button, and use the other one to pull the lever.

    3. Level 3, Use the other 2 skeleton to press the red button, and use the middle to pull the lever.

    4. Level 4, It's still the same, just follow the red line, and use the middle skeleton to pull the lever.

    5. Level 5, Use the skeleton that is surrounded by red button to choose the pointed red button, and use the other to pull the lever.

    6. Level 6, Just follow the red line.

    7. Level 7, Use the top skeleton to press the red button, and use the other skeleton to go through the door to press the another button on the bottom consecutively, and use the top skeleton to pull the lever.

    8. Level 8, Follow the red buttons number, to make the bottom skeleton to pull the lever.

    9. Level 9, Follow the number on the red button, and avoid the X red buttons, then use the other skeleton to go through the door and pull the lever.

    10. Level 10, Just follow the red line, and you need to be carefully click the floors.

    After you finish the Necro Tower Elevator , you will meet Sally, and you can open the Merge Shop!, and the last thing that you need to do is to get the required materials and get rank 10 doomwood.

    Good luck!, Cheers!

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