Fastest way to Rank 10 for specified Reputation


Hello guys, i will tell you one of the fastest way to increase your reputation using an easy quest with using several tips, therefore to rank up your reputation faster, but it would only work for some faction, they are:

  1. Dwarfhold faction
  2. Good faction
  3. Evil faction
  4. Yokai faction
  5. Vampire faction
  6. Lycan faction
  7. Mythsong faction
  8. Arcangrove faction
  9. Sandsea faction
  10. Skyguard faction
  11. Doomwood faction
  12. Troll faction
  13. Horc faction
  14. Etherstorm faction
  15. ChronoSpan faction
  16. Thuderforge faction
  17. Swordhaven faction
  18. Chaos faction
  19. Northpointe faction
  20. Embersea faction
  21. Ravenloss faction
So these Reputation factions are easily ranked up from quest from Malorie's Quest called the " ... Membership Dues" Quests from /join collection map. that require only Super-Fan Swag Token A x1 for 5,000 Reputation each quest turned in,
But unfortunately it is quite hard to get the Super-Fan Swag Token A x1 because it needs several Super-Fan Swag Token D/C/B to merge to get the Super-Fan Swag Token A. 
And as you know before turning in the quest, you must equip several equipment that could boost your reputation.
So the tips that is used on this method is:
  1. Using the merge shop glitch only to merge the Super-Fan Swag Token A, read this article to know how to do it: Worked AQW Glitch!!!
  2. If you are a non-mem then the only fastest way to farm the Swag's Token is with the "Bleak Despair" Quest, and "Flying... and Falling" Quest. and farm it on /join terrarium
  3. But if you are a mem, then the fastest way to farm the Swag's Token is by /join dinocaves and do the quests on this map.
  4. Use Equipment that could multiply your reputation each quest turned in
  5. Use Double Reputation to maximize your ranking up.
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