Dage's Birthday 3017!!!


(PART 1)
Hello legion follower, from 3 March, as we know, it is the date birthday of Dage the Evil!!!, from this event beforehand at least we must congratulate him to leveling up on the real world. Cheers :D

On this birthday, of course his seasonal gears also came back, and on this birthday he came up with some of awesome free AC tagged awesome/boss item drop, and unfortunately the items from this event is seasonal and will come up for each 3 March for each year.
This awesome items is from /join futurelegion map.

And also for legion follower, on his birthday the Legion Doomknight classes also upgraded for greater good.
For a little review here, i think the Classic Legion Doomknight class is a better class for having an early high damage but constant and increased with some stacks, but the new Legion Doomknight class it gives you a tons of damage if you stack the skill enough but it will do maybe a low damage at early. So both of the version is actually awesome. and it is actually your choice which one do you want.

So, from what i came up with is that if you want to farm up all the items from this map event it is all ok, since it is an AC tagged items so you can put it on the bank and make it as your collection.
I recommend you guys to farm the items just from 3 monsters on this map. Which is:

  1. Commander Agravh:
    it drops,
    1. Uw3017 Dual Hand Guns (Weapon)
    2. Uw3017 Gun (Weapon)
    3. Uw3017 Guns (Weapon)
    4. Uw3017 Handguns (Weapon)
  2. Legionator:
    it drops,
    1. BFP (Weapon)
    2. Dual BFP (Weapon)
    3. Uw3017 Gun and Blaster (Weapon)
    4. Uw3017 Legionator (Cape)
    5. Legionator (Armor)
    6. Legionator Cape (Cape)
    7. Legionator Faceplate (Helm)
  3. UW3017 Gunner:
    it drops,
    1. Uw3017 Gunner (Armor)
    2. Uw3017 Hooded Skull (Helm)

And to remind you guys again it is all AC Tagged items so collect them while Dage's birthday still on!, Because the items are really cool, that mainly can be clicked to do some animation.

(PART 2)
And then, since the event is keep on going, there is some epic items that will be released for each period.
There are some epic items that you can get without being a legion!!! :O
the next place that is to farm legion items is /join futurewardage map.

From this map, there is an item that you can get that i think that is epic without being a legion that is the "Enchanted Eternal Painsaws" Dagger and "Enchanted Eternal Painsaw" Sword from "Dage War 50%" Shop. and it is actually easy to get and also it is animated!!!.
So how do we get this?
You will only need to kill the monsters at the /join futurewardage map and farm up these items:

  1. CyberSkull x10
  2. UnDeath Core x1
  3. 1,000,000 gold (read this article to get fast gold: Fastest Gold Farming)
  4. Free Storage Enchant (It is literally free, lol)
Those requirements are needed for each of the eternal painsaw(s).

Then the 2nd 50% War Chest is the Laser Ragnarok "Unfortunately it is not AC Tagged" that obtained by merging some items at /join futurewarfd which require:

  1. Lost Skull x10, farm this by killing the monster on the map
  2. UnDeath Core x1
  3. 1,000,000 gold
After that, the next item is by only killing the boss on this map, which is the "Future Dage", it drops cool items and also some Free AC Tagged Items!!!, which is mainly the helm:
  1. Uw3017 Cybernetic Mask (Helm)
  2. ProtoParagon Samurai Scarf (Helm)
  3. Eternal Dark Caster Locks (Helm)
  4. Eternal Dark Caster Hat (Helm)
  5. Eternal Dark Wizard's Hat (Helm)
  6. Eternal Undead Wizard's Skull (Helm)
These are the items that is AC's. 

Then, as you know, on this event Dage also made the Future version of Dage himself, and if you want your character to looks like Future Dage, you can get it by spending some ACs on "Paragon Mk 3017" Shop with a total of 1725 ACs spent.

And lastly the "Future War Merge" that is mainly to merge Legion Tokens that ranged from 200 - 3000, and it also come up with an Farming Pet that cost with Legion Tokens to farm Legion Tokens. lol

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