Free Pot O'Gold Prizes!

Pot O'Gold Free AC Tagged Items!


What a Lucky Day!, today is the Lucky Day, which means that the seasonal lucky event is coming back and also it is the Birthday of Galanoth "Happy Birthday Galanoth!!! :D"   which means the /join luckdragon map is also back "time to farm some gold!", and in this update it comes up with a new Free AC Tagged Items that drops from quests at /join luck. These quest are:
  1. Bronze Coin Turn-in Quest
  2. Gold Coin Turn-in Quest
  3. Platinum Coin Turn-in Quest
  4. Rainbow Coin Turn-in Quest
Check the Quest ID here: AQW Quest ID List
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So, each of the quest has it's own epic items, in my opinion if you want to get the items fast without consuming your inventory, i suggest you to get the Platinum and Rainbow Coin Quests first.
If you already have all the items from Platinum and Rainbow Quests, then just store all the item to the bank and do the Bronze and Gold Quests.

On Gold, there is a Pot O'Gold which is not AC Tagged Item, therefore for the Gold Quest Farming don't delete it first to make sure that you will not get it later on, this is the same for the other Quest.

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