(How to Get) Death's Scythe!

Death's Scythe
Updated As of 7/15/2020


Hello guys today i will tell you about an awesome weapon that is equipped by the god of death itself. yeah you know what it is!, It is the EPIC DEATH'S SCYTHE!. so as you know, when it comes to death, of course it has a little bit of special thing on the weapon right? 
So for your information, the Death's Scythe (Not AC Tagged) gives you a bonus of 3% more damage to Human Monsters on the lore!. 
The drop rate of the scythe is 1%, so please be patient

So to get the Death's Scythe you only need to slay the Death itself on /join shadowattack map.
Before you go to the Death you must clear the monsters on the map to proceed to the next room until you meet Death, and complete the quest along clearing the path. or you can just search for Death Coordination by reading this article:  Map Coordinates

The next scythe is the Incarnation of Glitches Scythe (AC Tagged), Unlike the original Death's Scythe this scythe did not gives you a bonus damage percentage but it is an AC Tagged Item.
And for the drop rate of this scythe it is also 1%, and if you want to get this scythe, you will only need to slay the Incarnation of 2016 at /join cathedral and do some quest to proceed to the monster, or you could just go to Incarnation of 2016 using this: Map Coordinates

Happy Collecting! :)

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