List of Blinding Axes!!! non-mem and non AC!

Blinding Axes!!!

This time i will show you some of Blinding Axes that can be obtained by non-mem and doing it without spending any ACs!.
So let's just get to the list:
  1. Chaorrupted Light of Destiny (Not AC)
    Get it by killing Chaos Artix at /join chaoslab, confirmed to be 2% chance drop rate.
  2. Pink Reaper Of Doom (Not AC)
    Get it by purchase it on /join vendorbooths and go to Beleen for 10,000 gold
  3. ShadowReaper Of Doom (AC)
    Get it from /join overworld on the Mirror Realm Shop,
    by farming
    1. Mirror Realm Token x300 by killing monster on the map.
    2. Undead Paladin Token x1 by slay the Undead Artix on the map.
  4. Ascended Light of Destiny / Blinding Light of Destiny
    First to get the Blinding Light of Destiny, you can get it by reading this article:
    How to get Blinding Light of Destiny,
    then to get the Ascended Light of Destiny is by doing the "Ascended Drakath Gear" Quest, and if you did not have the Drakath Armor yet you can read this article to guide you to get the armor: How to get Original Drakath Armor
  5. Blackhole Light of Dread Space / Blackhole Light of Dreadspace
  6. First you will need to get the Blinding Light of Dread Space from "Space 'Dragon Ballz'" Quest, by killing Dra'gorn on /join dreadspace and it is confirmed to be 5% drop rate.
    and then if you already got the Blinding Light of Dread Space, you could turned it into Blackhole Light of Dreadspace by merging:
    1. Blinding Light of Dread Space x1
    2. Unstable Isotope x1 (from "Space 'Dragon Ballz'"Quest)
    3. 10,000 gold

  7. Blinding Edge of Obsidian (Non-AC)
    Get this by ranking up to 10 for Mysterious Dungeon and get it on /join darkthronehub for
    3,000,000 gold
  8. Blinding Light Of Destiny Handle
    Get this on /join vordred boss on ???'s Shop
  9. Blinding Light of Chaos (but member)
    Get this on /join castleundead on Chaos Shop.
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