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This is a guide on how to complete the quest on /join mafic that is part of arcangrove storyline. You can start arcangrove stroyline by talking to Rayst on /join arcangrove. There's also several item drop that you can collect such as Mafic Wings.
 "You need to complete  'Find Felsic the Magma Golem' quest from Rayst on /join arcangrove"

After completing "Find Felsic the Magma Golem" Quest from Rayst on /join arcangrove. The arcangrove storyline continues on /join mafic and Felsic's quests will be available which as a brave adventurer you must complete his quests to advance further to complete the arcangrove storyline:

  1. Liquid Hot Magma Maggots Quest:
    - Volcanic Maggot Slain x8: Kill Volcanic Maggot on /join mafic
  2. Scorched Serpents Quest:
    - Captured Alpha Serpent x5: Kill Scoria Serpent on /join mafic
  3. Playing With Living Fire Quest:
    - Extinguished Living Fire x10: Kill Living Fire on /join mafic
  4. Kindling Relationship Quest:
    - Mafic Dragon Defeated x1: Kill Mafic Dragon on /join mafic


    To lower the bridge on Screen 9, 10, 11, you have to do the following sequence:
    1. Go to Screen 6 and click Green Orb, after that click Blue Orb


    2. Go to Screen 3 and click Blue Orb, after that click Green Orb


On /join mafic you can get the following Non-Member Items:
  1. Dual Fumarolic Axes (Weapon): 
    Kill Scoria Serpent on /join mafic
  2. Mafic Wings (Cape):
    Kill Living Fire on /join mafic
  3. Searbush (Misc):
    Kill Living Fire on /join mafic
    Used for alchemy on /join alchemy
  4. Dacite Daggers (Weapon):
    Kill Mafic Dragon on /join mafic
  5. Hot Head Helm (Helm):
    Kill Mafic Dragon on /join mafic
  6. Red Hot Flamberge (Weapon):
    Kill Mafic Dragon on /join mafic

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