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Awe Shop Items
Updated As of 7/13/2020


So you have chosen the legendary path adventurer!. It is your time to go to the next level of the game and reap a bunch of items from Valencia's Shops and Quests. First, you need to go to /join museum and talk to Valencia the Rare Item Hunter on museum!.

As you discuss about your intention with her about the forbidden treasure that is buried on the lore, you notice that you have 3 option to choose:

  1. Special Codes Option:When you press this option you could get special items by simply entering secret codes on "Special Codes" Option.
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  2. Treasure Shop Option: 
    There are 2 noticeable items that you want to get from this shop:

    1. Treasure Map (Misc):
    > Get it for 2000 ACs (Cannot be sold) "Required to access Treasure Map Shop"
    For 2000 ACs, you can get a bunch of epic items that roughly a total of 40+ AC Tagged items!

    You can access the shop through 3 ways:
    - /join swordhaven inside inn in front of Door 2


    - /join mountfrost on the cliff


    - /join doomwood right beside your character when you join the map


    2. Sepulchure's Undead Blade (Weapon):
    > Get it for 2500 ACs (Can be sold for 2250 ACs under 24 Hours)
    Use this sword to unlock 3 version of this sword and sold it after you got all other version to get back your ACs, or you can just keep Sepulchure's Undead Blade for flexing.

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    - How to get Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor
    (also included on how to get the 3 version of the weapon)
  3. Artifact Quests Option:
    - If you open this option for the first time both "Blade of Awe" Option and "Armor of Awe" Option is basically the same and you will see that most of the option is locked, that is because you need to create the Almighty Legendary Blade of Awe (Weapon). To get the weapon it is relatively easy to get. The first step is to click "To the CrossRoads" Option. and then you will be moved to crossroads. (We will give you more information on the next section).
    - Another option is the "Chaos Beasts" Option. It consist of quests to slain the Chaos Beast around the lore of AQW and the quest is one time completion quest which means that after completing the quest you will no longer have to complete it again because you will be awarded with a trophy of statue of the respective Chaos Beast that you slain along the quest.


As you moved to the crossroads, you will see Valencia and Pteromack waiting for you to start of your journey to get the treasures!.
Before getting the Blade of Awe you might want to take on the challenge that is given by Pteromack through "Skull Crusher Challenge" Quest to get the SkullCrusher Mace (Weapon) 
"Non AC Tagged Item" to prove that you are worthy of an adventurer to wield the weapon!.
Else you could just skip his challenge and take it whenever you want to take on the challenge.

To get SkullCrusher Mace (Weapon) you only need to complete "Skull Crusher Challenge" Quest:
- Mana Golem Skull x1: /join elemental and Kill Mana Golem
- Red Dragon Skull x1: /join lair and Kill Red Dragon
- RazorClaw Skull x1: /join dragonchallenge and Kill Razorclaw
- Extorax Skull x1: /join ectocave and Kill Extorax
- Abominator Skull x1: /join underworld and Kill Undead Infantry
- Gravefang Skull x1: /join horde and Kill Gravefang
- Hydra Skull x3: /join hydra and Kill Hydra Head
- Carnax Skull x1: /join aqlesson and Kill Carnax
- Blood Titan x1:  /join bloodtitan and Kill Blood Titan
- Nessie Titan x1:  /join natatorium and Kill Nessie


When it is your first time talking to valencia on crossroads, then several options will be locked because you need to get the Legendary Superb Blade of Awe (Weapon) to open the options. To get the weapon you will need to complete a set of quest from "Awe Quests" Option. The chance of the material to drop is reduced each time you complete the quest. So it will be getting harder and harder as you complete the quest. After you got all the materials you will only need to merge the required material to create the Epic Blade of Awe through "Forge the Blade" Option and click "Create Blade of Awe" Option or you can just click "Blade of Awe" Option and get your prize!
"Required Rank 6 Blade of Awe, but don't worry, you will get instant Rank 6 Blade of Awe as you complete all of the Awe Quests"

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As you posses the Blade of Awe you can use the weapon to create Drakath's Armor, and 
 you can also merge the weapon into Prime Blade of Awe if you have membership on AQW!.

When you have the Epic Blade of Awe (Weapon) in your possession, now you can open other Awe Shop, such as:
  1. Awe-some Gear Shop:
    From this shop you can get the following items:
    - Rank 6 Blade of Awe

    1. Blade of Awe (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    In case you turned in the weapon for certain quest you can get it back for free
    2. Awethur's Accoutrements (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    Get it for free as it gives you bonus 25% more reputation, gold, xp, and class points!
    3. Dagger of Awe (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    Get it for free
    4. Spear of Awe (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    Get it for free
    5. Staff of Awe (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    Get it for free
    6. Guardian Dragon Pet (Pet) Requires Membership:
    Purchase for 10,000 Gold
  2. Awe Merge Shop:
    This shop is an upgraded version of Awe-some Gear Shop and you can get the following items:
    - Rank 6 Blade of Awe
    - Membership on AQW for 'Aura of Awe'
    You can get Aura of Awe from "Awe Quests" Option from Valencia on crossroads and accept "Evolve Your Awe Weapon" Quest by killing Undead Bruiser on /join underworld
    - A Guardian/ have redeemed membership of Adventure Quest on AQW for 'Guardian Stonewrit, Guardian Patent, and Guardian Awe Pass for instant access Armor of Awe Quests without ranking up Rank 10 Blade of Awe'
    You can get these Guardian material by clicking "The Blade of Awe?" Option then click "Become a Guardian" Option and choose "Guardian Shop" Option from Valencia on crossroads.
    1. Stonewrit Found! (Misc):
    Merge Guardian Patent and use it for "Find the Stonewrit!" Quest
    2. Guardian Blade of Awe (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    This is the Adventure Quest Guardian Blade of Awe Version
    Merge Blade of Awe and Guardian Patent and used to merge Guardian's Prime Blade of Awe
    3. Guardian's Prime Blade of Awe (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    Merge Guardian Blade of Awe and Aura of Awe
    4. Prime Blade of Awe (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    Merge Blade of Awe and Aura of Awe
    5. Prime Dagger of Awe (Weapon):
    Merge Dagger of Awe, Aura of Awe and 500,000 Gold
    6. Prime Spear of Awe (Weapon):
    Merge Spear of Awe, Aura of Awe and 500,000 Gold
    7. Prime Staff of Awe (Weapon) AC Tagged Item:
    Merge Staff of Awe and Aura of Awe
    8. Armored Guardian Dragon Pet (Pet) AC Tagged Item:
    Guardian Dragon Pet and Guardian Patent
  3. Awe Enhancements Shop:
    This enhancement shop is not ordinary enhancement shop because you will get bonus effect that is available from level that is multiplied by 10 for example 10, 20, 30, etc...
    However, the enhancement is only available for the weapon equipment.
    The bonus effect that you could get is:
    1. Spiral Carve: auto attack damage boost x2 + 10 crit rate for 10 seconds
    2. Awe Blast: auto attack damage boost 1.3 + lowers enemy damage 15%
    3. Health Vamp: auto attack damage boost 1.5 + life steal for damage done
    4. Mana Vamp: auto attack damage boost 1.5 + 10% mana steal
    5. Powered Die: auto attack has a chance to deal x200 (0.0002% chance)
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To make it even more epic, you can make your own Armor of Awe by talking to Valencia on crossroads and click "Armor of Awe" Option then click "AQW Hero" Option and click "Quests" and begin to grind the armor pieces. 
To teleport to designated boss to complete the pieces you can choose "More Details" Option and choose the respective Boss Options to get the pieces of the armor. 

There are 3 ways of requirements to access the quest:

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  1. Membership on AQW:
    - AQW Membership

    You can start grinding the armor pieces immediately
  2. AQ Membership/ Guardian:
    - AQ Membership/ Guardian
    - Level 35
    - Rank 5 Blade of Awe
  3. Totally Free:
    - Level 55+
    - Rank 10 Blade of Awe "Repeat 'Find the Handle!' Quest"

Good Luck, Cheers!

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