Grimoire 3.8+ Soul Sand Bot

Grimoire 3.8+ Soul Sand Bot

Download Link Soul Sand Bot: soulsandbot.gbot 1. Google Drive: Google Drive 2. Mediafire: Mediafire 3. Zippyshare: Zippyshare 4. Dropbox: Dropbox

How to use the bot:
1. Download/ Use Grimoire 3.8+, you can download it here: Download Grimoire 3.8+
2. Login to Grimoire 3.8+
3. Load the bot by clicking Bot - Misc - Load bot - choose the bot (which in this case soulsandbot.gbot)
4. Done and good luck boting!

What this bot do:

Automatically skips to complete the quest if you have the required items for the quest

1. Accepting the quest "Another One Bites the Dust!"
2. Join random room on /join battleunderb
3. Killing the undeads
4. If you have enough Bone Dust, then you will join random room on /join underworld
5. Killing enemy of dage
6. If you have enough Dage's Favor, then you will join random room on /join seraphicwardage
7. Killing dage traitors
8. If you have enough Dage Token, then you will complete the quest
9. Get the Soul Sand and Repeat
10. Done, now just wait to get your desired item on Vulcar's Merge Shop (/join underworld) and let the bot do the job

1. Skill is random because using Grimoire 3.8+ and reccomended to use class that has AOE, such as: Blazebinder/ Vampirelord/ Legion Revenant, etc.
2. You will need atleast 4 free inventory slot.
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August 18, 2021 at 3:34 AM ×

umm the links for the bot dosen't work anymore

October 4, 2021 at 7:38 AM ×

The link still works fine